XBody Training Suit

XBody Training Suit

Suit up

Since EMS training needs a special training suit, we have taken into consideration the best technology on the market.

The XBody training outfits are ergonomically designed to fit every need and adjust to any body shape. Moreover they are easy to handle and maintain, with just one cable attached to the main computer.So the workout routine involves wearing a suit that sends low frequency impulses through your muscles as you exercise, giving them a workout 150 times stronger than you could normally do in a conventional gym.

But there is more to this suit, as if you push yourself enough, you can actually burn more than 2,500 calories (500 times more than the average woman needs to burn in a day) in just two sessions of roughly 20 minutes a week — this workout is corresponding to four to six hours in a normal gym.

The XBody outfit is all about straps and padding, made from the most qualitative neoprene, polyester and nylon.

It is comprised of 20 small pads attached to your body to carry the low frequency impulse to each 9 major muscle groups (shoulder blades, mid-back, lower back, gluteus, hamstrings, quadriceps, abdominals, pectorals, biceps, triceps and calves or shoulders). You can even add 2 more optional pads to train your lower abdominals for example or maybe your inner thigh. The XBody suit is the only one that allows your customer to train its shoulders, as it is become an increased demand for high performance athletes.

Underneath this high tech suit you will wear a soft cotton t-shirt and short leggings provided by the studio you train in. Thereafter, the pads are moistened in order to conduct the low frequency impulse and when all dressed up, it will connect to a special computer unit. When turned on, it simultaneously stimulates all the major muscle groups for the whole 20-minute exercise session, meaning there are 150 times more muscle contractions than in an equivalent normal workout.

To maintain this suit and prevent odors and bacteria to develop,

XBody has created a unique Disinfectant Formula called XBody ReFresh. It smells good, kills bacteria, protects the suit fabrics, it is the secret ingredient to any quality EMS workout.