XBody – Leading The Way For The EMS Market


XBody – Leading The Way For The EMS Market


This year, Fibo’s records have been broken, having over 200.000 curious visitors and investors come to Cologne for face-to-face contact with their favorite brands.


It was another great success for the XBody team and a new opportunity to meet people from all over the world. They welcomed distributors, famous people and everyone who supports their brand or is involved in sports, fitness, beauty or wellness.

With outstanding innovative devices, which comply with medical standards from production to intended use, XBody convinced the public once again that fitness through EMS training sessions offers precise results and increases overall health condition.


On top of that, for investors wishing to obtain comprehensive business measurements, XBody developed the ACTICARE360, a complete support package for EMS businesses.

With this package, XBody draws up an intelligent business plan featuring support in the fields of administration, studio management, financial controlling, customer communication, analysis and EMS Trainer Institute course planning. The objective is to enable owners to master EMS studio operation and setup, while running up-to-date strategic marketing campaigns several times a year.

It makes the work of investors a bit easier, letting them focus more on their staff and training quality.

As a result, business owners will maximize their results and run the EMS business the proper way, along guidelines and rules applied for maximum results and safety.


What makes XBody unique?


Since its foundation back in 2010, XBody has been growing fast in all business aspects, delivering efficient, powerful, versatile and profitable concepts for the EMS market.

They strive to develop products and services on a yearly basis, create trends in the EMS field, be ahead of their competition, offer innovative solutions for the market’s needs and help distributors grow their EMS businesss.


Awards won all over the world by XBody:


  • FIBO Innovation Award: Best Interior and Design
  • Pegazus Prize of Enterprise Investors, Bisnode and Dentons: Best Growing Company
  • Sport and Russia Prize: Best Innovative Project and Product
  • Gold medalist at the Poznan Fitness Expo
  • Transdanubian Innovation Award winner
  • Bronze medalist in the TOP 100 manufacturing companies of the SME sector
  • Several other regional prizes
  • Bisnode Creditworthy AAA certificate reliable and reputable


Become one of the best in the EMS field by using XBody’s latest technology! We invite you to talk things out and see how you can make this happen.


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