XBody health related issues

XBody health related issues

We consider adding an extraordinary emphasis on the safety practice when dealing with the XBody as well as with any EMS technology.

However, injuries and accidents may occur during professional use, but that would be the meaning of this article, to identify possible causes of accidents.


Having said that, you may want to pay attention to the following:

Avoid training people that have a pacemaker attached, since the voltage used by NEWAVE is not medically validated up until now.

Although no negative side effects were determined so far, people using this appliance cannot train with EMS technology, as per manufacturer indications.


In case of acute or chronic health problems, it is recommended to seek medical guidance and clearance, generally applied to:

  1. Pregnancy (strictly forbidden, the impulses may cause contractions that may lead to a potential miscarriage)
  2. Fever, acute bacterial or viral illness (with doctor consent)
  3. Femoral hernia and abdominal hernia (seek doctor advise)
  4. Nervous system disorders
  5. Epilepsies
  6. Multiple sclerosis (seek doctor advise)


Also, bear in mind when training a client: each muscle group is stimulated at maximum for 4 seconds duration with a 4 seconds rest period between contractions. It is critical to maintain the rest period between contractions. And uphold the rest periods as discussed during your training, as this is the absolute recovery time needed to maintain a maximal contraction on the next rep. Decreasing the rest period, may change the nature of the exercise and may be ineffective to your client.

Also, always bear in mind to keep your client well hydrated!