The World of Physiotherapy At Its Best – Meet the XBody Newave MED


This is a brief overview of information related to the XBody Newave MED device.


What is it ? 

The XBody Newave MED is the first and only TÜV certified EMS medical device, designed to treat people experiencing injuries, arthrosis, muscular imbalances and pain or as pre and postoperative medical treatment. It complies with all standards for rehabilitation and muscle re-education purposes. It consists of the 10’’ touch screen device and the complete suits with strategically placed electrodes, used for the EMS session. The XBody Newave Med’s 10 stimulation channels cover areas such as: leg extensor, leg flexor, bottom, abs, waist, calf, back, trapezius, chest, arms and shoulders.


How does it work? 

The XBody Newave Med delivers low-frequency impulses on different access intensity levels predefined by the trainer or medical staff. These levels include: impulse frequency, impulse depth, impulse time, pause time, impulse amplification and so much more).

The session is fully customisable individually for each client and makes it possible to perform complex workouts with no interruptions. In the absence of a trainer or medical staff, the XBody Newave Med includes a built-in virtual program that shows clients exactly how they need to perform each exercise and how long they should do it. The software can safely be relied on.


When is it used? 

The XBody Newave MED is used in adult patients currently sufferring or who previously experienced injuries, arthrosis, muscular imbalances, etc, which have or have not led to pre / postoperative medical treatments.

The device is intended for use only by certified users in order to initiate the rehabilitation process. Trainers should have received advanced EMS training support or should own an authorized physician training certification.


What will it accomplish? 

Clinical data have demonstrated the effectiveness of the XBody Newave Med and how it is able to offer benefits in the fields of physiotherapy, muscle recovery, pain relief and injury rehabilitation, proving to restore muscle functions and make therapy easier, safer and less painful.

Based upon the same clinical data set, clients treated with EMS using the XBody Newave Med experienced an average of 65% of pain reduction in 8 weeks!

Nevertheless, each patient’s response to the EMS medical recovery process may vary depending on the injury’s severity, degree of pain and pre-existing medical conditions, but one thing is certain for the changing world of physiotherapy — EMS demonstrated how it activates metabolism, improves blood circulation, relieves the joins and has many further additional benefits than traditional rehabilitation methods or exercises.


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