Since 2012, EMS workouts have proved to reap some serious health benefits (with 50.000 people who took part of a research on EMS in UK, plus, the everyday millions of badasses training in EMS studios across the globe, it’s fair to say most of you reading this article already know that).

We’re not here to tell you that EMS is some magical workout or that it is the only thing your life needs to build the body of your dreams. We’re also not here to throw bullshit sales pitch at you.

EMS workouts come as a variety of functional movements that include gymnastics, weight training and cardio and their goal is to complement your fitness basics or to be an alternative to traditional gyms.

EMS workouts leverage your weight and gravity, all while building flexibility, balance, core and strength.

Rest assured, the EMS training is not a joke to empty your pockets, but rather a system that has been tested, tried, researched by experts in the field and is backed by science.

Here’s what we like about the innovative EMS workout:

You’ll get stronger

Newsflash – EMS training uses lifting weights, resistance and cardio to recruit muscle groups from all over your body.

You’ll burn serious calories during and after your EMS workout

Losing weight isn’t everyone’s goal going into EMS workouts, but if it’s yours, then yes, EMS training is one of the most effective tools.

When researchers analysed EMS consumers, they noticed they burn 12 or more calories per minute than they do with regular workouts. Based on the intensity of the workouts, it has been concluded that EMS training does a really good job at helping enthusiasts achieve their fitness goals and burn a high number of calories in each session.

You’ll look fantastic

By doing EMS training on a regular basis, you’ll look toned, defined, muscular, lean, gorgeous. Whatever words you use to indicate “looks hot and fit”, EMS workouts will get you there.

EMS workouts help you sleep better

Always remember that there are tons of factors that influence and determine the quality of your sleep. In our personal experience, EMS workouts have helped us sleep better simply thanks to the intensity involved.

Any type of sports are likely to improve your sleep, however, EMS workouts seem to be among the most effective.

EMS workouts bring mental gains

EMS workouts don’t only train your entire body, but your brain too. EMS training develops mental toughness because it gives you the chance to push yourself through short, yet challenging sessions.

EMS workouts are time efficient

All EMS sessions are only 20 minutes long. Seriously!

People are always surprised how wiped they are after such a short EMS training.

EMS workouts are super correctional

Having the digital era become more and more part of us and our lives, most people end up sitting down on a daily basis, with hardly any body movement. As a result, some of them won’t be able to perform even simple exercises such as squats.

But when using EMS training, it gets way easier for the personal trainer to correct position when doing squats. 

EMS workouts are literally fun

In our many years of experience, we’ve never heard one complaint or people going like “Aahhhh, not EMS again”. Most customers really do seem to like their EMS workouts and we totally get it, these sessions are a great motivational boost thanks to the varied routines they enable.


There are a lot of knock-off’s and copies on the EMS market. You will even find very similar EMS machines based around popular brands, but none are actually better than the three most important names in the industry (Justfit, XBody, Miha Bodytec).

When it comes to EMS equipment, we wouldn’t go for the cheapest option. We would research the market and go with a top official distributor for the sake of long-term warranties, in-depth training and quality control processes.

Based on the top benefits of EMS workouts we mentioned and many more, we consider EMS technology to be a great addition to your workout routine / business.
If you’re interested to learn more about it, get in touch here and we’ll be happy to help you out.