Why It’s Essential To Have Great Images And Graphics 

Why It’s Essential To Have Great Images And Graphics 

  For the last number of years, it’s becoming more and more important to produce valuable graphic content for your online audience. When trying to market your EMS studio, you should provide value through practical information that will support the EMS workouts you are trying to sell.

Great images are more important than ever. Let’s look at some of the secrets to perfect images, the tools you need for them and the most effective type of graphics you can use for marketing your EMS studio.

What are the secrets to great images and graphics?

The main social media platforms you will be sharing content on are Facebook and Instagram. These are the best choices for building a dedicated community for your EMS studio.

Why? First, simply because it is where the majority of your clients and potential customers spend a good portion of their day. Second, EMS workouts are highly visual and both social media platforms offer highly visual content and the most exciting, entertaining and educational images are the most successful.

The correct image size 

With any picture you share on your social media accounts, you must make sure it has the correct sizing for the platform you’re posting it on.

Here are the sizes you need:

Facebook: 1200×628

Instagram: 1200×1200

Develops your brand

Another key aspect of using great images and graphics comes within the growth of your EMS studio. You need to remain consistent across all your social media and marketing materials. This could also mean sticking to a certain color filter that instantly makes your images recognizable on the busy daily social media feeds. For graphic content, this means using the same font and color combinations that match your brand.

Have a look at the social media pages of some of the most successful EMS studios. Their visual identity is distinctive easily recognizable and suggests an emotional reaction from the person who looks at it. Emotion pushes the customer to connect to a brand more than anything else. After you have figured out the emotions you want to trigger, remember consistency is key to achieving connection with your audience.

Tools for creating images

First, you need a camera or a smartphone to take photos. Then you should consider a graphic editor. Lastly, only if necessary, a stock images site can also come in handy.

One of the most popular types of camera is the DSLR, which not only films, but also photographs. Canon and Nikon are the most reliable brands in the industry.
If you feel you don’t have what it takes to learn using a DSLR camera, then you could also take amazing photos with your smartphone camera (preferably an iPhone).

While you could hire a graphic designer to do all your visual content, it could be possible to avoid this expense. There are a number of great free softwares online that can help you create your designs without needing a degree.

For instance, Canva is free and has exploded in popularity for the past years.

It’s easy to see why, Canva’s platform is easy to use, gets effective results and provides loads of free templates.

On the other hand, sometimes you might find yourself turning to stock imagery if you simply don’t have access to real pictures yet or if you’re looking to build your website. We recommend Pexels, Unsplash and Pixabay.

Social media images and graphics ideas

  1. Traditional workout tutorials for home training

Any content you make needs to add value to your connection with the customers. One of the best ways to communicate to your EMS studio members is by offering them for free home workout tutorials placed on your website.

It’s best to keep these videos as simple as possible.

2. Reviews

More and more people are starting to trust online reviews as much as their unique recommendations, Remember the last time you looked for a hotel or a restaurant? It’s more likely that you checked out their reviews before you purchased.

Encouraging EMS studio customers who you feel are having a positive feedback towards your workouts to give you an honest testimonial. Use their best line, along with a good picture of the customer to create a catchy visual testimonial.

3. Nutrition advice

Another key element in terms of social media content for EMS studios that can generate value for your audience is anything related to nutrition. Keep your customers interested about what they’re eating, especially during the pandemic lockdown.

Creating simple visual content that showcases good and bad nutrition practices will allow your audience to remember to make better eating choices which as a reward, will help them reach their fitness goals. Nevertheless, this builds your online reputation as an identity in the market.

4. In-house images

Unfortunately with the current corona virus situation, you’ll find yourselves unable to capture pictures of any live workouts going on in your EMS studio.

However, now you may have to become creative. Think of things like posting pictures you have from previous EMS sessions to remember your audience what your studio’s experience is like.

We hope you realize that now, more than ever, it’s essential to post amazing image and graphic content to showcase valuable content about your EMS studio.