Who we are

Who we are

Dubai – home to the official headquarters, where Fit Express stands out amongst gyms and EMS centers, boasting a portfolio of 16 unique training studios. Each location is a peaceful sanctuary compared to the chaos outside, featuring innovative EMS classes and exclusive services which provide members with a truly unrivaled EMS experience.


Fit Express exists to promote a healthier, self-sufficient, unified and educated community, believing that everybody can achieve physical and mental balance. Train like an athlete – Rest – Repeat is what the company inspires every person to experience.

We kick-started with the vision of becoming the type of location where everyone is welcome to reach their personal health and fitness goals. Using EMS and other training techniques, our company has grown a lot in the past 5 years, serving thousands of customers throughout the world and setting new standards when it comes to the franchise experience.


We prefer not to call it EMS or fitness or franchise, but rather life! The Fit Express concept takes partnerships to the next level, having the most talented personal trainers meet the best equipment.


Fit Express is governed and driven by three passionate founders that share the same responsibilities, goals and visions. Designed to pamper the body and mind, their concept is backed up with the latest management methods and industry-leading equipment. At every step, Fit Express is guided by years of research which confirm that the only way to reach high-performance is by simply approaching your management with know-how. The result? When partners adopt their habits and behavior, they begin to function at the peak of their powers every single day, fueling and recharging like champions.


Fit Express strongly believes a good location is only as good as the people behind it. Therefore, our company reaches its peak by developing rigorous education using the Fit Express Academy, Dubai’s most advanced EMS coaching school and the elite certification program overseen by experts, thanks to which participants may deliver real results.

The Fit Express Academy programs are limitless, fueled by the force of body transformation potential and the promise of infinite solutions. Students learn from professionals with inspiring, real-life experience, refine their own practice and acquire skills to teach in their own style.

Upon certification, graduates manage to master integrity and innovation, are eligible for an EMS position anywhere in the world and are qualified to design training techniques that deliver not only results, but incredible improvements in qualify of life.


What makes Fit Express so special? The amazing clients who visit it every day, making the impossible possible with the help of their personal trainers. No matter the age, shape, experience level or daily schedule, Fit Express teams dedicate to help each person reach their health and fitness goals in a progressive and forward-thinking manner.


To fight against sedentary habits, which eventually lead to obesity or medical concerns, Fit Express decided to collaborate with hospitals, medical cliniques, training and recovery centres, as well as with personal trainers, kinetotherapists, doctors and press people, who have the power to inspire other people towards a healthy lifestyle.



Who is Fit Express for? Everyone! It sets bodies up for whatever success they aim, whether it’s just training, toning or medical recovering, the client is guaranteed to feel better, stronger and more efficient when training in a Fit Express.