What To Expect: Opening A Fit Express EMS Studio

What To Expect: Opening A Fit Express EMS Studio

If you’ve been researching how to open a business in the fitness market, you’re probably aware that now is the best time to start. More Americans and Europeans than ever are turning to the EMS industry to get into better shape and reach their weight objectives.

Opening an EMS studio is a great way to potentially earn profits while enjoying the unbeatable personal freedom. On the other hand, going into the fitness market is also an important way to give good to your community.

Many individuals simply grow tired of working for others and dream of opening their own EMS studio. In addition to needing your time, effort and planning, opening an EMS business also demands an investment — in other words, money.

Let’s take a closer look at the financial commitment and series of steps involved in opening an EMS studio.

Fit Express franchise monthly fees

After we’ve signed the franchise contract, you’ll be required to pay for an initial franchise fee that depends on your territory / country, but it pays for much of the extensive training and support you’ll receive as our partner. This includes marketing, sales, real-estate and management operations. We will help you run your EMS studio as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

We pride ourselves on a franchise process with no monthly fees from your gross revenue at all. Our straightforward approach guarantees valuable ongoing support from our side and continuous transparency from yours.

EMS equipment and rent

Of course, you can’t open an EMS studio without the most important purchase, your EMS equipment. Every EMS brand has different qualities, so it’s important to do some research on local culture and corporate identity before you choose a device.

We provide some of the very best EMS machines on the market — which your clients will love — and constantly work with you to make sure your EMS studio is outfitted with everything you’ll need to serve your clientele.

Not surprisingly, you’ll choose the best EMS machine on the market and depending on the size of your EMS studio, we estimate you’ll spend between 9.000 eur – 15.000 eur on the equipment your clients will need for their EMS workout routines.

Another important cost is the rent you’ll be paying for your EMS studio. This expense will vary greatly depending on its size, condition and location.


As a franchise partner, you will be recommended to invest in advertising. We’ve learned that marketing budgets are essential to creating and growing your customer database.

After you’ve read our terms and conditions and have decided the Fit Express EMS studio opportunity is indeed the right one for you, you’ll meet our team (online / offline) to ask any more questions you may have or to learn more about the EMS studio daily operations of your future new EMS business.

From there, we’ll sign the franchise contract, giving you rights to a specific territory / neighbourhood, at which point you are officially a Fit Express EMS studio.

Your total investment

As you may have noted, some expenses are one-time, while others are monthly.

Ultimately, the cost of opening a Fit Express EMS studio will depend on where you’re located, how complex your business is and what amenities you plan to offer. But when you factor in other expenses like marketing, rent, utilities and amenities, our experience has shown that you can expect a total initial investment starting from $13.000 to open your EMS studio.

Accessibility is key at Fit Express. Fit Express EMS studios focus on the basics: high-quality EMS equipment without other services that drive up monthly expenses. This allows business owners to open their EMS studios in smaller spaces than many of their competitors. Not only does this help them keep their costs low, but it also allows to set up EMS studios in areas that are convenient to their clients.

Become a job creator

When you open a Fit Express EMS studio, you are able to provide your local community with employment opportunities. Partnering with an international EMS brand is extremely helpful when you search for personal trainers — people know who we are and thanks to that, your EMS studio will be a source of stable jobs, a great asset to any city.

And to that we say, welcome to the family!

Are you ready to invest this exciting and growing EMS market?

If you’re interested about the possibilities that an investment in the EMS industry has, contact us today!