What to consider when starting an EMS studio?

What to consider when starting an EMS studio?

What to consider when starting an EMS studio?

Looking to offer people a healthier lifestyle?

In the past years, EMS studios have not only proven to be popular and very much in demand by sports consumers, but they have also been proven to be very profitable as a business idea.

Opening an EMS studio requires careful organizing and research, and the what we’ll enumerate below are aspects of the EMS business that should be taken in consideration:

1. Location

Where will the EMS studio be located, how much square footage will you need, what are the space improvements going to cost, is there good visibility for customers, access, and parking, and is the space located in an area comprised mainly of the target consumers?

2. Operating format

Will the EMS studio cater to all customers or will the focus of the EMS business target one specific group of consumers? Will the EMS studio offer other types of services, meaning different fitness classes, massage or anything else except for the one-on-one EMS personal training?

3. Staff

Is there access to trained EMS instructors and staff in the city where the EMS studio is being established, and if so what are the potential wages and benefit demands, as well as expectancy of staff in terms of career opportunities?

4. Marketing

How will the EMS studio be marketed? What marketing tools will be used to draw customers from competitors’ EMS studios or other fitness facilities?

5. Competition

How much local competition is there in the EMS industry in your city, and is the competition in the form of a franchise chain or is it an independently-operated EMS studio? How much does the competition charge for the EMS memberships? Is there the chance of a price war?

Can the proposed EMS studio win enough customers to be profitable? What is the effect on the EMS business from potential future studios? There are many details to take into consideration prior to starting an EMS studio. However, with careful research and proper organization, an EMS studio is a fabulous business to start, operate and own, not to mention that it also has the potential to be very profitable.

How do I start an EMS studio like Fit Express?

Among the high number of EMS studios in the world, Fit Express is the largest EMS chain and offers fully owned excellent EMS franchises. This option may be a good way in which to start an EMS studio.


The advantage of a Fit Express franchise is that you would start the EMS business with an established name that offers worldwide recognition which attracts customers. If a small EMS studio is associated and linked with a firm name in the industry, you will enjoy the backup, know-how and support of an already established business.

Running an EMS studio under the Fit Express name is highly beneficial for investors starting-up a new EMS studio.

Starting on your own

If you intend to start an EMS studio from scratch, do your research and establish how many other EMS studios are in the area. What services do they offer and how much to they charge per session. After you have completed your market research, it is necessary to write a detailed business plan.

For more information on how to write a comprehensive one, email us at info@fit.express and we’ll develop a business plan for you that is both workable and competitive.