Urban Fitness – The EMS Franchise concept from Italy

Urban Fitness – The EMS Franchise concept from Italy

Urban Fitness – The EMS Franchise concept from Italy


For over 2 years, Urban Fitness has been dedicated to creating workout solutions that benefit both the facility owners and the exercisers. Their company’s mission is to keep people active starting with EMS sessions using the XBody technology and continuing with the range of programs in the industry which they had available prior to EMS workouts, such as: pilates, yoga and massage therapy.


Urban Fitness is a division of Che Forma Corporation in Italy. The company has a history of fitness and healthy living, which illustrates their commitment to deliver good services to their customers. When they designed their EMS franchise concept, they were guided by their previous experience in the sports field with clear operational standards.


Feel free to check out their websites below:


http://cheforma.com/ – mother company

https://www.urbanfitness.it/ – EMS franchise using the XBody technology


The EMS concept has changed drastically over the last few years and Urban Fitness had no other choice but to evolve with it, encouraging people to lead active lives and take advantage of the EMS concept which involves only 20 minutes for a workout session.


Today, Urban Fitness continues to strive through the market offering their vision, support and ethical business practices. Their EMS franchising concept using the XBody technology covers an array of positive and results-driven services. It works in diverse markets, but optimally in Italy.


The EMS solution using the XBody technology gets the world moving. It’s extremely important to practice sports and stand up for healthy living and the best way to know everything you can about the EMS concept is to use it weekly.