For the past 5 years, the biggest craze to hit the fitness market came in the form of an EMS (electro muscle stimulation) workout that emphasized strength training and cardio intensity training. It may not be for everyone (although it is advertised so), but EMS workouts are certainly a great way to stay fit, lose weight or get some extra variety for those who already have a solid fitness background or athlete base.


EMS sessions are a 20 minute, fast-paced, intense workout that is going to be condensed, nonstop movement.

It may only be a couple of exercise routines, but the idea is that you keep doing each over and over through the set time you got from your EMS trainer. It’s a concentrated shot of training and it burns your system – in a good way.


The key to EMS workouts is the intensity, but hidden in that fact is that you’re inherently increasing your limits and pushing yourself to do the most you can through each routine in the workout.

We all ask for results, but how many of us really put in the effort?

In a traditional gym, it’s easy to cheat or sneak a way longer break than necessary, but because of how the EMS session is structured in 20 minutes, there’s no option other than to max yourself out.

Time efficient

In a round of 20 minutes, you’ll be asked to complete as many rounds of exercises of a specific circuit as you can.

By the end of your EMS workout, thanks to intensity and effort, you’ll have burned out more calories than a traditional training in the gym.

Building relationships

Often times, a traditional gym is just a collection of random customers focused on doing their own fitness routines. At an EMS group workout, you’re surrounded by people – even strangers – who train just as intense as you and push themselves as hard as they can.

When doing EMS group workouts, everyone has the same goal in mind – to get in their best possible shape.

Dynamic workouts

The EMS workouts are sometimes hard to describe because most sessions come as a mix of many different exercises or circuits that push all parts of your body to their limits. EMS workouts are constantly changing, which keeps you from getting bored of them.

Personal coaching

All EMS workouts are led by an EMS personal trainer to ensure proper form, provide encouragement and training changes according to goals, uphold standards and correct you when they see you are not doing an exercise properly or not giving your entire effort. 

Improved health

EMS workouts were created to develop strength, stamina, endurance, weight-loss, flexibility, power, speed and balance. All these domains are achieved thanks to the vast variety of movements within your EMS sessions and the complete transformation it does to your personal quality of life.

Increased joint mobility

This is the result of the varied functional movements involved in an EMS full body workout – you’re not just using specific muscle groups, but moving your entire body in different directions.

Also, by learning the proper ways to perform all exercises involved in your EMS session, your risk of injury in your everyday life significantly decreases.

Lifestyle improvement

When training with EMS, it’s hard to resist giving in to some new lifestyle habits. Before you know it, you will be removing pre-packaged snacks for something whole and healthy.

Rather than meet your friends for drinks / coffee, you’ll soon convince them to meet you at an EMS studio for a workout and then head out to socialize.

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