The evolution of EMS technology – past, present and future


In a very short amount of time, the EMS technology has exploded in the worldwide market and now, lots of people cannot imagine living without it. It’s the perfect solution for improving fitness performances and faster recoveries.

Today, EMS devices are accessible to everyone and we are always surprised by how well and quickly a growing number of personal trainers realise the competitive advantages of opening EMS businesses.

EMS was born out of purpose. Its earliest known use is quite interesting and dates back to around 2500 BC. The Egyptians found certain fish emitting electrical impulses that could be used in treating pain.

It wasn’t until 1745 when German physician Altus Kratzstein released the first book on electrical therapy, revealing its benefits. Fast forward later that century, famous Italian physician Luigi Galvani introduces to the public another great leap forward in electrophysiology – bio electricity in animals. He stimulated the dismembered legs of a frog by passing an electric current through its spine demonstrating he can control the muscle contractions.

Their discoveries have opened doors for wide beneficial researches, therefore, throughout the years, the EMS technology or electric muscle stimulation became an extremely efficient medical practice in post-traumatic rehabilitation, in osteoarthritis, in muscular atrophies, in reducing back pain, in curing various acute and chronic illnesses, but also later on within the fitness / wellness industries. A few years later, in the 1860s, a team of Russian scientists applied the EMS technology on elite athletes and achieved an increase of 40% muscular strength. That’s when EMS became one of the major turning points in sports to enhance performances.

As an efficient therapy both for body shaping and medical recovery, the EMS technology is today’s must-have for any wellness centre, day spa, medical spa, beauty salons and gyms.

The future of this trend may be unknown, but EMS workouts continue to reshape our world in ways that encourage people to live a better life and form new habits.

If you’re interested in the EMS technology, we highly recommend the Justfit ClickOn PRO device. It is safe, effective, user friendly. When you receive your order, you literally take it out of the box, put on a suit, plug it in and simply experiment the workout session.

We believe in creating personalised approaches and solutions for all EMS businesses.

What to expect when using EMS?

  1. Weight loss
  2. Athletic training
  3. Pain relief
  4. Medical recovery

The workout session is a fun experience that allows you to leverage intensities and achieve the desired objectives

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