The EMS boom in America and the reasons to start your studio there immediately!

The EMS boom in America and the reasons to start your studio there immediately!

The EMS boom in America and the reasons to start your studio there immediately!

If you’re a personal trainer and dream of going off on your own or if you’re just one of those people who are passionate about health and fitness, then you should consider an EMS studio as a business idea.

To make it happen, we’ve done most of the research for you, got all the numbers together, experienced the operation of the EMS business in several countries (including America) and fortunately, we may now put a realistic plan together.

Make a difference and engage people in a vigorous, healthy lifestyle using EMS

Although the list of benefits that comes with opening an EMS studio in America is impressive, it is apparent that just hearing about them does not engage potential investors into consistent compliance. It is true that EMS is a complex business idea that fitness professionals or entrepreneurs need to understand better in order kick start, but fortunately we are here to describe strategies that you may use in the future, motivate you to start an EMS studio and be one of the first in your city (if not actually the first).

Look around you! Chances are that you know at least one person struggling with their weight. The number of overweight people in America is increasing, so it’s not a pretty picture you face there, but more like an alarming one, isn’t it?

The good news is that EMS not only prevents obesity, but also treats any weight issues.

Based on past experiences and current reality, EMS plays a major role in the user’s physical activity choices, medical condition and nutrition habits. In fact, some people become so attached to the EMS activity and show such positive feedback, they end up wishing to buy the machine at home so they can train by themselves! The good news for you as a studio owner is that not everybody affords it or knows how to operate it.

Interestingly and perhaps not surprising, seeing the huge improvement in the quality of life, determines users to motivate everybody they know to try this workout plan they discovered in the EMS sessions, which is the best free marketing you can ask for.

Workout barriers that EMS cures and for which clients are willing to pay big

à lack of time: EMS training sessions take just 20 minutes

à lack of motivation: EMS allows your trainer to try new and different exercises everytime, and also to make the EMS workout more enjoyable by playing the client’s favorite music when training

à poor body image: in EMS workouts, the personal trainer focuses on the client’s personal accomplishments and never compares him to others

à need for support: per client’s request, you may arrange to have somebody exercise with a partner or with a smart group of friends, thanks to the wireless software which allows multiplayer EMS sessions

Make a positive change in America with EMS workouts

The EMS market is worth billions of dollars a year worldwide, but in America, EMS is just growing in popularity which particularly for business investors is pure gold. Starting an EMS studio requires being smart and understanding the market, so our role is to help you build something different than the standard model and offer your services to as many different groups of people as possible.

Costs involved in opening an EMS studio are not so high, considering how fast you can increase your revenue.

Your EMS business will need the obvious things: EMS equipment, marketing and a location, but through our step-by-step know-how we’ll make sure you also include stuff that most owners don’t think about.

Just be confident and remember – you’ll make a huge difference by helping people treat their truly serious weight problems.

And whenever in doubt, you may seek out our professional business advice.