How to start a business with EMS in 10 steps


If you’ve done your research and already identified the EMS concept as a business idea, now it’s time to explore the steps required to start your business successfully.


  1. Do your research

Know what your market wants, identify what the local leaders are offering and see how you can offer better.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who needs your product?
  • Is there anybody offering similar services right now? If yes, how is the competition like?
  • How will you promote your business?

If you think you can deliver something other owners / trainers can’t, you are ready!                        Another option is to partner up with a franchise, in which case you already have a concept, a brand and a team to back you up.


  1. Make a business plan

Obtain clarity with it about your future achievements, from the start-up point to the must-have growth. Put together an excel file and estimate the costs for your future business: EMS equipment, training license / certification, fitness inventory, studio design / construction and furniture (if applicable), branding, grand opening event, marketing materials, online advertising and last but not least, the ongoing monthly expenses, such as rent, utilities, hygiene supplies, employee salaries and marketing.


  1. Plan your budget

Starting an EMS project isn’t very expensive, but any business has its price and as we implied under number 2, it does require an initial investment, as well as having the professionalism to understand the need to cover expenses and keep your business running before becoming profitable.

Do you have the funds or will you need to make a bank loan? Are you planning to leave your current job to focus on the EMS project or do you intend to do both in parallel?


  1. Choose a location

First, consider whether you will buy or lease the place where you will operate your EMS business. The location you pick will impact many factors that ensure you are making the right choice for your customers.    Think parking, for instance, and please don’t necessarily go looking for subway stations or luxurious neighborhoods.

Depending on the complexity of your project, we recommend a minimum of 30 square meters. You also need to integrate a minimum of 2 locker rooms, 1 shower, 1 reception and 1 bathroom. And an office for yourself too, only if you’re lucky.





  1. Pick your studio’s name

A simple and necessary step. Explore your infinite options and make sure you choose a good one. Check if your final option is not currently in use or trademarked, register it and become officially recognized.


  1. Build your team and get certified

Give your trainers the same attention you give to your incomes because your business is run by them. We know it is difficult to find someone you can trust, but from our experience, doing careful research in the industry leads to goods candidates. Once you’ve built a great team, define everybody’s roles. Unless you are planning to run the business by yourself, in which case you’re going to need to certify yourself to get your business off the ground.


  1. Choose your booking system

It’s admittedly difficult for us to give impartial advice on finding a good software, as we are just launching the Fit Express App – and we are crazy in love our booking system.

That being said, we know our software will be a good fit because we built it specifically according to our studio needs, after spending too much time trying other booking systems that didn’t meet our standards, ending up with regrets.

Getting started on our booking application couldn’t be easier. Simply request your 30 day free trial month and a dedicated member of our team will work with you throughout the installation.


  1. Promote your business

Explore as many ideas as possible, decide and create an effective marketing plan. Collaborating with other brands or volunteering for charity activities can also get your name out there.

Before your grand opening event, you need to build up your social media, spread the word, perhaps use promotional coupons to stand out, so that once you open your doors for business, you already have a group of people ready to jump in.


  1. Set up your grand opening date

Essentials for your opening ceremony: healthy catering and a photographer.

We also recommend you reach out to influential bloggers and ask for exposure in exchange for free memberships.


  1. Pay your EMS machine package

Call your local distributor and place the order – it’s as simple as that!


Which is the step where you feel you need our advice?

Leave your comments or questions below.


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