Shock Therapy New York EMS Fitness

Shock Therapy New York EMS Fitness

Hello, New York! Look after the Shock Therapy fitness center, if you are in the Upper East Side, because the EMS concept is probably going to become one of the weekly activities locals will enjoy doing on any average day!


As the website states, the EMS experience is finally brought to New Yorkers by Esra Cavusoglu, an international psychologist and addiction counselor. who spent the last few years having succesfull body transformations when using the EMS technology throughout her multiple trips in Europe. 


Shock Therapy is dedicated to health and fitness, which is the most challenging paths in the United States of America, but as far as we can see, this EMS studio prides itself on experienced personal trainers and an ethical management team. 


The setting at Shock Therapy has an artistic feel and what’s also worth noting is that you can try the EMS technology for a couple of minutes before you decide to buy a membership with a certain number of training sessions. 


“They all want to try XBody”, the personal trainer at Shock Therapy said. “Having so many people come in our studio to test the product and talk to us about how it works makes such a difference. We started out with 1 XBody device that can train 6 people simultaneously. Real body transformations are hard to imagine in America, so this is a perfect timing for us.” 


The EMS studio uses the XBody wireless technology and offers three types of training sessions: Strength, Metabolism and Challenge. 


Whether you’re a New York City local or just visiting for the weekend, save some time for the XBody EMS exoerience at the Shock Therapy. 

Pick your favorite program and let’s burn some calories!


Find them on 153 East 70th St., but book in advance at 917 409 0128.