Set yourself apart from all the other EMS studios on the market!

Set yourself apart from all the other EMS studios on the market!

Fit Express was founded in 2011, not just as an EMS distributor, but also as a training studio for friends and family.

We prided ourselves on great EMS training sessions, quality staff and the flexibility to act different when meeting our customers’ standards.

However, we found out what every other EMS studio was needing!


That’s when we decided to do more in the EMS field


We made research through our own experience. We talked to our studio’s members. We investigated the bottom line impact of our work. We identified the areas where we could add the most value. And we started to do more – to offer more – to solve more problems across a wider range of issues involved in the EMS market.

Today, Fit Express is one of the top companies to franchise EMS services, providing an extensive range of partnerships that enable owners to drive their EMS studios with quality, authenticity and know-how.


EMS studios are in high-demand — 72% of the population wants to afford to use EMS training sessions. Reason why quality is the only key to successful EMS studios.

We pride ourselves on paying attention to the personal trainers involved in your team. Only great trainers provide real results.

Furthermore, we believe that besides trainers, the management strategy requires special attention to ensure your studio’s success. You should give your studio members what they want, when they need it and where they want it.


A growing global brand 


When you franchise with Fit Express, you become part of an internationally recognised brand. What started on a thin paper in 2011, has evolved into 45 studios located in 17 countries around the world. For our partners, that means the customer’s demand remains strong. And in a rapidly changing fitness world, convenience wins a new meaning. Yes, it’s still about losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but now it also encompasses the idea of time-saving rewards, extended to where people live, work and exercise and using an EMS machine tailored to their needs.

But there’s another reason our brand is recognised by everybody around the world. It’s called online advertising! And as our franchise partner, we’ve got you covered on a local level with appealing packages,


Who trains you and your staff? 


We do! Training, consultancy sessions and EMS trainer certifications happen at our HQ studio in Bucharest or online.


What do we provide you with? 


—>  a proven business know-how with a strong brand

—> comprehensive EMS certification

—> business management consultancy

—> graphic design

—> marketing materials

—> technical support

—> investment in research

—> studio visits

—> the opportunity to build a sustainable EMS studio with a proven successful strategy


Whether you are experienced in the EMS field or a beginner, we will welcome you with the ultimate EMS know-how to build your business around. Through our continuous work, we provide a healthy, innovative concept that is in demand and on the cutting edge of the EMS industry.

We guide you every step of the way, leaving no uncertainties unaswered because our focus is to help you grow your business and success, while simultaneously growing our brand.


The right location, the right time, the right EMS brand 


We are grateful for every bit of our success, but feel so driven to do even more. Despite our fun nature, we take the EMS business strategy and know-how very seriously, so we are excited to generate satisfaction and prove scores that exceeded the EMS market’s averages from other studios worldwide.

Ready to get started? If you’ve got what it takes, go ahead and email us at