The Rimini Wellness fitness exhibition – Back and bigger than ever!

The Rimini Wellness fitness exhibition – Back and bigger than ever!

The RiminiWellness expo – a global high-energy event that brings together fitness enthusiasts, business owners and sports people to share the same healthy habits, valuable information, innovative equipment and physical activities under the same roof.

We had the opportunity to attend the RiminiWellness fitness event for the first time three years ago and every time we participated since then has had us feeling motivated and satisfied. First, surrounding yourself with buyers, presenters, athletes and the world’s greatest companies makes it a lot easier to stay on track with your targeted market. Second, you never really know who you’re going to meet and share your interests or hear people’s stories.


It gets better with every year


The RiminiWellness fitness exhibition features local, regional and international companies selling fitness gear, workout apparel, health items, nutrition products, the latest EMS innovations and much, much more.

Event attendees get a chance to join dynamic classes, informative seminars, receive free samples, meet fitness celebrities, as well as enjoy entertainment, listen to great speakers and try an abundance of products, which may match your business really well.


New standards in the EMS industry

The huge and growing EMS industry makes you wonder – how do you pick the right EMS equipment for your business? This is your question of the day.


How do you know which one is the most effective to your studio?

  1. If you get to participate to the RiminiWellness fitness exhibition, make sure to check what EMS brand is doing it better and what support they have at a national and international level.
  2. The price also plays a critical role in making sure the investment is good.


This should further guide you towards what kind of EMS machine you’re going to get. This is also why it is important to realize the benefits of participating to any fitness exhibition you run into. To touch, see, feel and try the EMS machines available.


When you decide to buy your EMS package


Visit all vendors and choose your favorites. You may want to spend a little extra time for some research.

Start with their website – is it up to date, is it helpful, do they add updated content, is the look of their website user-friendly and easy to navigate?

If they are not putting in any work, go ahead and pass.



Social presence – Check only the top few giants: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. Post frequency is not so important, but how deep the content and quality is. This shows you if they have a marketing department that understands how to give real value to their end users and provide the best of info.


Unique products – Does the brand help you push sales? It’s their job to put resources into making it happen.


If you want to take advantage of the best prices for the EMS equipments on the market, the RiminiWellness fitness exhibition is a good chance.

You will have access to live demonstrations, free sessions and an opportunity to learn more about all exhibitors.