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E-Fit Studio | Single Training

Empower your training sessions with the Infinity P1, engineered for professional use in gyms and personal training settings where individual client focus is key. This single-user EMS system delivers targeted, high-efficiency workouts, enhancing strength, stamina, and weight loss within compact 20-minute sessions. Perfect for personal trainers or facilities that prioritize personalized client experiences. Opt for the Infinity Pl for dedicated solo client training, ensuring detailed attention and optimized results, secured with a 60-day money-back guarantee.



Business plan /w profit maximization

Staff training

full onboarding for products

marketing plan & creatives

customer support dedicated team

sales strategy & scripts

automated reminders and messages for clients 

The business plan you need

Along with the fit express products, we are offering you full guidance for operating, implementing, marketing the service in the most optimized way possible. Either you need an CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software or a marketing creative or business plan with calculated costs and profits we got you covered!

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