Open Your Fit Express Studio: 3 Skills You Should Have

Open Your Fit Express Studio: 3 Skills You Should Have

Open Your Fit Express Studio: 3 Skills You Should Have

EMS studios using the Fit Express brand name are becoming more and more popular. The worldwide population is in the middle of a health crisis and people are happy to spend money on good weight-loss solutions.

Fit Express stands on top of most EMS studios due to the competitive pricing, flexibility and convenience we offer our partners. Our services help our franchises go into the fitness market for themselves, building promising careers in the EMS industry. 

Many of our prospective partners wonder if they have the required skills to open an EMS studio carrying the Fit Express brand name. Running a Fit Express doesn’t require any experience in the health and fitness industry. But there are a number of qualities we look for in our partners that could be gained from a wide array of professional backgrounds.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the valuable skills below.

#1 Good with people

When you invest in a Fit Express studio / centre, you’ll enjoy considerably more freedom than many multinational, corporate employees have. You can decide what tasks you’d like to manage yourself and what you’d like to delegate to your trusted staff. As the owner of your EMS studio, it’s important that you have good people skills in order to get the best performance out of your personal trainers. Understanding how to motivate them will help your EMS studio run properly when you’re not around.
Good people skills and great communication also come in handy when you’re interacting with your customers. Keeping them happy and engaged in your EMS studio is a great way to ensure they’ll stick around.

#2 A real interest in your business

EMS studios are different from most corporate jobs, meaning you’ll have complete ownership and authority in deciding how to manage your incomes. The more your EMS studio earns, the higher your take-home pay will be.

It’s important that the Fit Express studios invest in growing their business and going above and beyond to keep it going strong among competition.

Fit Express has developed a comprehensive booking system designed to help you organise the ins and outs of the studio, but it’s really up to you to implement it effectively.

$3 Organizational skills

One of the best part of owning an EMS studio is that you can delegate many tasks to your staff and receptionist. However, as with any business, running an EMS studio requires good attention to detail. Making sure your studio is impeccably clean, keeping your equipment well-maintained and sanitized, plus managing your trainers schedule are just a few examples of daily tasks that require good organizational skills.

If you’re feeling capable of performing the above, you might just be a good fit to run a Fit Express.

These are just a few of the skills we look for in potential studio partners.

Contact us today to tell us more about yourself and to learn if you’re a good fit to own and manage a Fit Express EMS studio.