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Unleash the Power: Understanding EMS Technology

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) transcends traditional workout methods to offer a scientifically backed, revolutionary approach to fitness and wellness. By utilizing electrical impulses that stimulate deep muscle contractions, EMS engages up to 90% of muscle fibers simultaneously—far more than conventional training.

This technology mimics natural muscle contractions, those your body experiences during vigorous activity, but at a frequency that can be hard to achieve with standard exercises. Each 20-minute session is as intensive as several hours at the gym, optimizing your time and efforts. EMS not only enhances muscle development and fat loss but also improves circulation and overall physical conditioning, making it a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to transform their health and fitness rapidly.

E-Fit Connect product used inside home by man.

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E-Fit Connect product used inside home by man.

How Can EMS Training Boost Your Gym Sales?

Integrating EMS training into your gym’s offerings propels you to the forefront of the fitness industry by tapping into cutting-edge technology that maximizes efficiency and results. This innovative training solution attracts a wide audience, from fitness novices and busy professionals to seasoned athletes aiming to enhance their performance.

By adding EMS to your services, you provide a unique selling proposition that differentiates your gym from competitors. EMS sessions are perfect for upselling personalized training plans and specialized health packages, driving further revenue. The quick, measurable results delivered by EMS ensure high customer satisfaction and retention, turning your investment into significant financial growth.

Enhance Your Offerings with Innovative EMS Training

Boost your training business by incorporating EMS devices into your offerings. Whether you’re focusing on weight loss, muscle toning, or overall fitness improvement, our cutting-edge technology helps you deliver superior results and attract more clients to your gym.

“Fit Express brings revolutionary EMS technology to the US, transforming fitness experiences. Our innovative solutions help gyms boost client satisfaction and drive growth, backed by exceptional quality and support.”

– Richard Rudas, Managing Partner

E-Fit Connect product used inside home.

Experience the Power of EMS Training


Efficient Workouts: Achieve the results of a 3-hour workout in just 20 minutes.

Total Muscle Engagement: Activate all muscle groups for balanced development.

Quick Recovery: Accelerate recovery times and reduce muscle soreness.

Versatile Applications: Suitable for weight loss, muscle building, and overall fitness improvement.

Promoted by Top Celebrities on Live TV and Online

Our EMS technology is the preferred choice of celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Tom Holland, Mike Tyson and Usain Bolt. These high-profile endorsements highlight the effectiveness and appeal of our cutting-edge fitness solutions. Elevate your gym’s offerings with the same technology trusted by the stars.

Why Choose EMS Fit Express?

FDA Cleared

Our EMS devices meet rigorous safety and quality standards, ensuring top-notch performance and reliability.

200+ Gyms Worldwide

Trusted by over 200 gyms globally, our technology has a proven track record of success and client satisfaction.

Over $5M in Sales

Join a thriving community with substantial sales, demonstrating the profitability and demand for EMS technology.

Risk-Free Investment

Benefit from our 60-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to invest with confidence and peace of mind.

Marketing & Business Support

Receive comprehensive support including marketing strategies and business consultancy to ensure your success.

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Starting from $421/mo or 0% APR with Affirm


Invest in our Fit Express EMS systems and see substantial returns. Even with just one new client per week, your investment pays off quickly. Our detailed ROI calculations show how easy it is to become profitable with our cutting-edge EMS technology.

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What’s Included in the Infinity Package?


Complete Wearable Kit

6 Technical Wear Pieces, 4 Arm Straps, 2 Leg Straps – High-quality, adjustable wear pieces for optimal performance.

Operational Essentials

2 Wireless Magnetic Connectors, 1 AC/DC Adapter, 1 Wetting Pump – Reliable connectivity, power supply, and maintenance tools.

Advanced Control Unit

Infinity EMS Carbon Studio Controller, Stand with Charging Shelves, All Necessary Cables – Seamless management and storage for your EMS sessions.

Leaders Speak: Insights from our EMS Master Wordwide Trainers


EMS training has completely transformed our approach to fitness. It allows for deeper muscle activation beyond what is possible with conventional workouts, helping clients achieve accelerated results in both strength and endurance. This isn’t just a step forward in workout efficiency; it’s a leap towards a new standard in physical fitness.

Mikael Padilla

US Master Trainer

Integrating EMS into your training routine can be straightforward and highly beneficial. Begin by understanding the basic setup, which involves wearing specialized equipment like vests or suits embedded with electrodes. The frequency and intensity of the electrical impulses can be adjusted according to your fitness level and specific goals. For optimal results, it is recommended to start with sessions under professional supervision to learn proper form and technique. Regular EMS training, about two to three sessions per week, can lead to noticeable improvements in strength and fitness within just a few weeks. Furthermore, EMS can be combined with traditional training methods to further enhance its effectiveness and achieve balanced fitness results.

Cosmin Cobuz

EUROPE Master Trainer

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How can EMS training benefit my fitness business?

EMS training can significantly boost your fitness business by offering a unique, efficient workout option that attracts a wide range of clients. It differentiates your gym from competitors, increases membership retention, and provides an additional revenue stream with minimal space and equipment requirements.

What support does Fit Express provide to gym owners?

Fit Express offers comprehensive support to gym owners, including marketing and business consultancy, staff training, and client communication strategies. We help you seamlessly integrate EMS technology into your gym, ensuring you maximize its potential to grow your business.

What is the return on investment (ROI) for EMS equipment?

The ROI for EMS equipment is substantial. Based on our calculations, even with just one new client per week, you can quickly recover your investment and start making a profit. Detailed ROI calculations and flexible financing options make it easier to manage your investment and see returns swiftly.

How often should clients use EMS training to see results?

For optimal results, it’s recommended that clients undergo EMS training twice a week. Each session lasts only 20 minutes, making it easy to fit into their busy schedules. Consistency is key to achieving significant muscle growth, weight loss, and overall fitness improvement.

Is EMS training safe for all clients?

Yes, EMS training is generally safe for most clients. However, individuals with certain medical conditions such as heart problems, epilepsy, or those who are pregnant should consult with a healthcare provider before starting EMS training. Our equipment is FDA cleared, ensuring high safety standards.