Justfit Pro – The future of EMS workouts


Justfit Pro -– The future of EMS workouts






You already know that we stopped training by ourselves about a decade ago — thank you, personal trainers — but we’ve traded this for another activity: EMS workouts.

We have tested nearly all the most popular EMS brands on the market and we are constantly on the lookout for what’s next in EMS, all in the name of collecting data on impulse activity, fitness results and device performances.


When the first Justfit machine hit the market, there was a period of awe. EMS manufacturers couldn’t believe that such a small tablet could do so much good to a customer’s body, have so many different immersive features on their suits and even sync impeccably to multiple EMS training sessions simultaneously.

So we decided to take an exciting leap forward into the future of EMS, revel in the graphs and expand the Justfit EMS machine to dozens of business owners (of course to ourselves also) around the world. Why? Because we embrace new and interactive technology and invest to stay ahead of industry trends, which helps nusiness owners fulfil their profit goals in stimulating and fun environments.


Making dull EMS workouts fun and more motivating than ever before


If you are still struggling to make your EMS studio work and be profitable, you might not have found the right EMS machine for your needs. While some people are happy to flex some of the most popular names on the market, others prefer to go with the latest trends in EMS innovation.


There are so many EMS machines out there promising to enhance the workout experience, that it’s almost impossible for the non-tech savvy or unexperienced business people to know which are really worth investing in. Luckily, we’ve tried plenty and are in the position to let you know that the Justift EMS machine is worth splashing out on.


Once the EMS suit is on the users, it’s like an entire new world is created around them and they are taken through an EMS experience which promises a full body workout. The cable system is seamlessly integrated and MADE TO LAST with the real resistance you’ve always needed.


Justfit Pro benefits


We used to think that some EMS brands are similar, but once we took a look under the hood, we found out that they differ in a lot of ways.

So what can the Justfit EMS machine offer? In short: excitement, performances, and adventure combined with convenience.


One of the primary benefits of using the Justfit Pro EMS machine is that it never requires service interventions — unless you decide to break it and lose your warranty rights, but that should never happen, right?


Unlike other EMS machines, the Justfit Pro can be controlled using a tablet or a smartphone, delivering a full-body workout with the same potential for weight loss and efficient results.


Generally speaking, the Justfit Pro is slightly safer than other EMS brands, which eliminates the potential missuse resulting in the loss of training quality.


Furthermore, while most EMS machines deliver roughly the same power in terms of electric impulses, when it comes to the training suits, Justfit made them easier for the customer to wear and for the EMS trainer to use. Not only they are lighter in terms of weight, but they are also made to last longer due to the beneficial materials they are made of and the cable packs that truly provide resistance.


Bottom line: choose whatever machine you think fits you better, but remember the quality of your EMS equipment is what sets attainable goals and creates a circle of satisfaction for yourself, for your customers, for today and for the future.

We know it’s a lot of information to take in, but ultimately you have saved a lot of time and money by not going through the process of buying the wrong EMS equipment.

Have fun with EMS, devote yourself to your trainer and stay safe!


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