How to start training with EMS: Stick to your schedule and make it an an enjoyable part of your weekly habits


How to start training with EMS: Stick to your schedule and make it an an enjoyable part of your weekly habits

You surely already know there are tons of reasons to use EMS as a training method – from getting better energy, mood and health to reducing stress and saving time. And the detailed training “how to” and “where to” plans  are just a click away, but if all this was enough, how come we’re not all into great shape?

Making EMS training a habit takes a clever approach and the right mindset. However old you are and whatever fitness level you’re at – even if you’ve never tried EMS training a day in your life – there are some steps you need to make to help make this habit a less intimidating one and more fun.

What’s keeping you from training with EMS?

If you’re having trouble finding your motivation, you’re not alone. Most people struggle getting out of their sedentary routine, despite their best intentions. It’s true that most concerns that make EMS training plans challenging refer to busy schedules or poor health, but the real barrier is mental.

We’ve all been there! Here’s what you can do to stop giving up and encourage yourself.

Forget about the all-or-nothing attitude

Practicing EMS sessions, you don’t have to spend hours in a gym or force yourself into the same boring training. An EMS session takes only 20 minutes of your time. While we do recommend a certain weekly schedule based on your physical needs, you should know that even just 1 session per week is better than nothing. This will have a profound result on your mental health and with time, we guarantee you will add more sessions to your weekly routine.

Be gentle to yourself

Studies prove that self-compassion increases your success chances in just about any endeavor. Just stop thinking about your body, your fitness level or your supposed lack of determination. That will only demotivate you. Instead, choose to see any unhealthy choices you’ve made in the past as opportunities to grow in the future.

Restrain your expectations

You didn’t stop having willpower overnight, you didn’t gain weight in seconds, therefore you’re not going to instantly transform your body either. Demanding too much from yourself so soon will lead to frustration. Instead of being overly preoccupied by results and how far you’ve come, focus on consistency. Even if your mood level and emotional health will improve quickly, all physical results will happen in time.

How much EMS training do you need?

What you need to remember when starting to train is that “something” is always better than nothing. Going to train once per week is better than sitting on the couch. 20 minutes will help you lose more weight than no minutes at all. But our recommendation is to overcome your mental barriers and reach at least 3 EMS sessions per week.

Can’t find the time in your busy schedule? It’s okay to break things up throughout a month or every now and then. 1 session for a week, then 3 sessions next week can be just as effective.

How hard will the EMS session be?

An EMS training can be low, moderate or high intensity according to your personal fitness level.

Low intensity training — you can easily sing

Moderate training – you breathe a little heavier, but can still talk in full sentences with your trainer while exercising; no singing though

High intensity training – you are breathless, no speaking, no singing.

For most people, using the moderate EMS training is more than enough to increase the overall health. With moderate EMS training, your body would feel warmer, but not sweating abundantly. Some of you may want to vary moderate with high intensity for faster results. Everyone is different, so don’t overdo it and assume you can achieve this without having your EMS personal trainer confirm it’s ok.

Getting started

If you’ve never experienced the EMS technology, keep the following precautions in mind:

Health issues?

Get your doctor’s approval first.

Warm up

Make sure your EMS personal trainer warms you up for 3 minutes out of the 20 included in your session.

Drink plenty of water

You will perform best only when you’re properly hydrated. Failing to drink water during your EMS session can be dangerous.

Listen to your body

If by any chance you feel pain or if there is anything bothering you, stop and tell your EMS personal trainer. Take care of the issue and after the brief rest, resume your EMS session safely.

How to stay motivated

No matter how much you’ll enjoy your EMS training sessions, at one point you may lose interest in doing it. That’s the key time to shake things up and pursue the schedule that has worked so far.

Log your sessions – keep a record of your EMS trainings and progress. Writing everything down increases your commitment level and helps you stick to your routine. Clearly it will also be encouraging to look back at how things looked like when you began.

Treat yourself – ask your trainer to play your favourite music while doing the EMS session

Make it social – Whether you like company or enjoy competition, EMS sessions can be really fun when done with friends or family. Seek out a training partner and keep yourselves motivated.

Find an EMS studio that offers games – Wii, Kinect, Xbox are just a couple of activity-based video games that can be incorporated in your training. These games simulate dancing, boxing, skateboarding, soccer, tennis, bowling and so much more. Pairing them with EMS sessions not just make time fly so much faster, but also burns the same amount of calories, some of them even substantially more.

Focus on your body’s feelings – Pay attention to your body while training and after training. Notice the way you feel on the inside and how you completely interrupt the flow of worried thoughts, easing the daily stress we all face. You’ll remember those feelings and may want to stick to them as long as possible.

Get inspired – Visit fitness websites or simply google photos with fit people. Just looking at images will motivate you to keep going.


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