How To Improve Your EMS Studio During Corona Virus


How To Improve Your EMS Studio During Corona Virus

We’re living scary times and it will take a while until we’re able to fully return to our normal lives. Corona virus measures across several parts of the world may soon end, so you could be reopening your EMS studio sooner than you’d think.

After the long isolation, you’re no doubt excited to the day your EMS studio reopens.

Statistics indicate that this won’t mean EMS workouts as usual. As EMS facilities get the green light to open, they should expect to be under severe social distancing rules, disinfection protocols and daily operation on a minimal customer basis.

And while you should be ready to open your EMS studio in the near future, we also know that long-term, the Corona virus has changed the course of the entire fitness market for good.

There are plenty of steps to take now, to make sure you’re ready for the new ‘normality’ to kick in.

Here are a couple of the ones we recommend you consider:

Make the most of your time

Right now, it’s likely that you have more free time on your hands. It’s a great time to focus on planning and promoting, so make the most of it!

We recommend five areas to reflect on that will allow you to plan everything.

Strengthen your brand

Most EMS studios around the world have quickly adapted to the lockdown, but the truth is, now is a great time to explore new and efficient ways to differentiate your brand.

Prepare your EMS equipment

— inspect your EMS device to ensure it is free of dust or humidity moisture

— check plugs and power cords, make sure they have no damages

— turn on all your powered devices, one by one

— check cables functionality

— ensure that internet works properly

— look for EMS suit damage or wear

— update EMS device software (if applicable)

— clean all equipment, floors, carpets, walls, everything you can see with your eyes

— get in touch with every single customer (individual calls) who had an active membership in your EMS studio

Decide what solutions to provide

Personal trainers, staff members and customers should get temperature checks before going in the EMS studio. Staff will be asked to wear gloves and though it is not mandatory to wear face masks, we strongly encourage it while in contact with the customers.

EMS suits will be rotated so that they’re never worn two EMS sessions in a row. You need to have a staff member quickly disinfect them.

Depending on the size of your EMS studio, consider restricting the number of people allowed inside.

You may want to limit group EMS sessions for a while, until we can at least all come back to close contact.

Print branded indicators on the wall to let customers know you are doing your best to handle the pandemic.

If your EMS studio has a large number of elderly customers with compromising health conditions, take into account opening a few time slots during the day when only those customers can book an EMS session.

Above all, make sure you allocate enough time between each EMS workout to properly clean and sanitize equipment in preparation for the next customer to safely come in and touch any surfaces.

Make sure you have a significant supply of cleaning products.

You have an opportunity to innovate your EMS studio without necessarily making an impact on weight-loss and fitness, but on the actual great state of mind of a person.

Your customers want to feel that you can help them in the long term.

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