How To Hire Quality EMS Trainers At Your EMS Studio

How To Hire Quality EMS Trainers At Your EMS Studio

The EMS personal trainers have a major impact on the client’s loyalty and overall profitability at your EMS studio. They are on the front line when it comes to building customer retention by encouraging, motivation and pushing them to continue striving towards their fitness goals.

To hire the best EMS trainers at your EMS studio, make sure you have a good hiring process in place. We pulled together some tips to attract and hire top quality EMS personal trainers.

Continuously Promote EMS Job Openings

Rather than waiting until your actual EMS trainer quits or opens his own EMS studio,  make an effort to keep at least 1 job opening posted on your website. Continuous availability will get prospective EMS  personal trainers excited about the possibility of  working for a growing EMS studio.  It will also help you capture passive candidates — take note that 85% of potential applicants would consider leaving their current EMS studio —  even if they are happy with their current jobs — if another EMS studio with a greater reputation offered them a better role / salary. And if the right EMS personal trainer does come along, you too might consider making another hire sooner than anticipated.
In addition to keeping a job opening open, make sure you’re leveraging a multichannel strategy that includes industry-specific websites, social media, national newspapers and compelling career websites.

On your website, make sure to highlight the perks of working for your EMS studio, including brand culture, benefits, opportunities for continued EMS certifications and learning — such as paying for their personal training evolution — and employee testimonials.

Leverage Pre-Interview Surveys

Pre-interview surveys are an important step to help automate the EMS personal trainer review process. Once an applicant submits an application, they will automatically receive a pre-interview survey that will gauge their fit for the role. We know 40% of potential employees don’t even bother to complete the survey — meaning only the most interested applicants who truly want to work for your EMS studio take the time to fill out the survey. Once complete, the surveys can be automatically scored (by you or by a computer), so only the strongest candidates get to the stage of the hiring process.

Pre-interview surveys also offer you the opportunity to ask questions that determine whether or not the candidate is qualified for the EMS personal trainer role. For instance, if the job requires them to have a Level I certification or be available at certain times of the week, you can ask these questions up  front before you waste your time or theirs when they don’t meet your EMS studio’s needs.

Conduct Deep Interviews

An EMS personal trainer might check every box when it comes to certifications and experience, but could lack having the right personality and attitude to connect with your EMS studio’s members, which is just as important. The interview process offers you the chance to see if the applicants are like a culture fit  for your EMS studio. Get a better feel for how a future  EMS trainer might engage with your members by asking questions like “Walk me through your 1st EMS workout with a new customer. How will you get to know me?” or “Tell me about a moment you overcame a challenge with one of your previous customers. What did you learn?”. By asking these questions, you can understand whether he or she is personable enough and determine how passionate they are about helping customers achieve results.

Make sure you’re asking the same questions to every EMS personal trainer you interview, so you can objectively come to some conclusions while maintaining compliance.

Run Background & Check References      

Once a strong applicant has completed the interview process, ask for references and check their background before making a full-time offer. Make sure that the information you learned from your future employee is accurate, as more than 56% of candidates have been caught telling lies on resumes. If possible, we even recommend paying for background checks to verify if their previous records are correct, as well as if their certifications were truthfully earned.

Background and reference checks are especially important when you’re hiring EMS personal trainers because they can always end up putting your customers in physical danger if they’re lying about their certification or education background. Verifications from previous employees and customers can either validate your interest in a strong EMS personal trainer or help you avoid the mistake of hiring the bad candidate.