Guide to opening your EMS studio


  1. Guide to opening your EMS studio

The EMS industry gathered $20 billion during 2018. This is a tempting statistic for the EMS technology which exploded only a couple of years ago and is still not present in all cities worldwide.

Opening your own EMS studio may seem like a great way to turn your passion for fitness or entrepreneurship into a modern dream.
However, you’ll need more than just money to a make a go in this competitive industry.
Read on for more information on how to go about investing in your own EMS business.

Decide on the type of EMS studio you want
You should be aware that not all studios are equal. Regardless of your personal preferences, your business should appeal to a great customer base. As great as possible. If you decide to buy an existing EMS studio, it will come with existing members whose needs you have to take into consideration. Reason why we recommend you open an EMS studio from scratch.

Find a space to rent
You may find a rent sign on a window, you may see an advertisement in your local newspaper, you could browse online on specialized websites, get in touch with a business broker or even receive a recommendation from a close friend.
However you find your ideal space, make sure it meets the minimum requirements so that you won’t need to invest too much in it.

Calculate all costs
Make a list with the following expenses:
Property rent
EMS equipment
Local taxes

You’re going to need a business plan to make this business work. Ask questions if you are unsure about any costs. Guessing or making approximations is a disastrous move when it comes to finances, even if you’re a millionaire.
Next, take into consideration your expected monthly profit, but be conservative about it. Chances are you won’t be making so much in the first half of the year.
70% of businesses fail in the first year simply because owners didn’t prepare for all costs involved.

Ensure monthly marketing plans
You may be lucky enough to have the necessary skills and do this yourself. Otherwise, you need to find someone who can do it for you.
A great marketing plan determines people to believe in you and stick to their EMS schedule.

You’re good to go
When you’ve made all arrangements, the real fun can begin. There will be times when the going gets tough, but be realistic about all the hard work and don’t give up when difficult times appear.
Check out our blog for all the advice you need to grow your EMS business. You’ll find tips on how to manage your daily operations, where to look for marketing experts and how to get your hands on EMS equipment with the best price on the market.

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