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Simple & Flexible

In order to become a Fit Express Franchise Studio all you need to do is purchase an EMS Device, download our app and get certified with our Academy!

Or choose only one of our services and become a Fit Express Partner, which also benefits free consultation.

Order your

EMS Devices

Purchase your EMS Devices from Fit Express at a discounted price.

Use our


Download the Fit Express App for a flat fee of 25 Euro / Month.

Graduate our


Get an international certification for 250 Euro via Skype.

Choose our Involvement in your Business


The full Fit Express concept and experience. This is not suitable for everybody and it might not be for you either! Designed exclusively for people who ask us blindfolded to set up their entire studio concept, our franchise system is optimised for everyday success and unlimited satisfaction. Buying our Studio Identity means buying our team and trusting our vision. We are ready to travel with our team to your country for 7 days, supply you with a fully certified business policy and teach you everything you need such as efficiency, management, customer care, marketing and training efficiency.


Become a partner and create your own brand. We also give you the option to Create your own Fit Express Studio design and your marketing ideas. We allow you to adapt our EMS Studio concept to your liking. Our team will be giving you only hints and support.


Is it safe to apply electric impulses to the body?
If you think it over electric impulses are not that far from body’s nature of working
since the central nervous system stimulates the muscle through electric impulses.
Moreover electric muscle stimulation had been used in the muscle fizio therapy for the past 60 years.
As an example by NASA, Olympic professional sport athletes.


Over 10.000 EMS Devices in 75 Countries and thousands of daily users around the world
promise that this method of training is safe indeed.
Let us explain how the EMS Device works to make the safest EMS training.




Beside the fact that choosing Fit Express is your best option we provide you multiple business services.


We never heard of such an investment with faster return and such low risk factor on the fitness market.

The number of satisfied owners of Fit Express is expanding very fast. And we have just kickstarted.

There are countries where Fit Express is not yet known. Like UAE for example, which can be the most potential market.
The secret behind this explosive success is pure mathematics. Running a regular fitness studio requires a lot of space, which comes in hand with high rental fees.
Several employees and a lot of equipment is needed, which would also result in rising expenses.
In spite all that, running an EMS MicroStudio, requires about
70 sq meters, 4 employees, and 2 EMS Devices.


The price of a single training falls between 20 and 60 Euros all over the world.
Let’s take an average of 10 trainings a day per device. We would like to mention
that the most successful studios can reach  up to 20 training sessions per device a day. So the daily income of two devices and 20 trainings can be between 400 and 1200 Euros.
It’s easy to calculate the studio’s monthly income, counting with 24 operating days
it can be between 9.600 and  28.800 Euros. All you need to reach is only 60 guests with a membership Unlike regular fitness studios where sometimes you need up to 2,000 members to reach profitability.


70 Square Meters

4 Employees

2 EMS Devices

Up to 1200 Euros a day