We keep believing EMS is the best business of your life, but how do you exactly open a studio?

How do you select the EMS equipment?

And what can we do for you?

We cleared up these questions below, go ahead and have a little scroll.

Your step-by-step EMS guide


1.   Pre-built EMS packages or build your own

2.   Select your EMS brand; train individually or choose group sessions a shared

3.   Pay & train; secure your EMS equipment for just a 10% deposit

4.   Explore our EMS devices

Choose a pre-built EMS package or design your own


Our EMS packages

The easiest way to plan your EMS business is with one of our pre-built packages. Keep it safe and ensure you have everything you need included.


Build your own package

Fancy yourself as a bit of an EMS expert? Our Build-Your-Own-Package option is perfect if you know exactly the experience your studio has to offer. Customisable options allow you to add accessories according to brand and device type.

Choose your staff


EMS sessions for 1-2 people

Offer unbeatable training sessions with your very own personal coaches as the masters of the EMS scene. For sessions of 1-2 people, you need 2 personal trainers.


EMS sessions for 3 people & higher

Set the mood within group sessions by having at least 3 personal trainers and by doing so, ensure your customer’s results as the real priority.

Our team


We’re here to assist you from A to Z by literally showing you how to take your EMS business to a whole new level, from concept to completion.

Fit Express was founded in 2010 as a family-operated business and our mission is simple – improving studio performances.

Our team isn’t only concerned with selling certified EMS devices and providing great quality after-sales services because just like you demand more from your business and customers expect more from their bodies, we aim to keep growing by selling only equipments that withstand the highest of demands and perform in your studio.

When you choose to buy from us, you choose our team and the know-how guided by years of experience.

Pay and train



Secure your EMS device with a 10% deposit

Pay just 10% at the time of your order to secure your equipment. Delivery made when full payment is completed.



We make life a little less painful by splitting the cost in 5 instalments.

60% deposit is due upon pre-order, followed by 10% of the balance due 30 days after initial deposit and the remaining 30% split equally in the remaining 90 days.