Our franchise system offers 4 different type of packages!

  • Partner
  • Plugin
  • Mobile
  • The Franchise

Fit Express® is a real success story.

Our Franchise Packages

Being part of the Partner Program is quick and easy, allowing you to enjoy all of the benefits a franchiser has, but for a more affordable price. What you need to do is use the Fit Express Partner logo in your location, certify your trainers through our academy and implement the Fit Express Application in your business.

The Plugin Concept refers to integrating the EMS concept in large gyms, beauty salons, malls or clinics.
You need a small space in any kind of facility, an excellent trainer, our operational know-how and the rest is rock and roll. Double your income by expanding and buying another device for your location.

Take the opportunity to train your clients in the comfort of their home / office! You can track their progress with the built-in statistic module of the Fit Express App, check the efficiency of your training sessions and much more!
Our recommendation goes to the Justfit Pro+ since it’s the lightest mobile package and is controlled by a tablet.

This is not suitable for everybody and it might not be for you either! Designed exclusively for people who ask us blindfolded to set up their entire studio concept, our franchise system is optimised for everyday success and unlimited satisfaction.
Buying the Franchise means buying our team and trusting our vision. We are ready to travel with our team to your country for 7 days, supply you with a fully certified business policy and teach you everything you need in studio terms of studio design, management, customer care, marketing and training efficiency.
Our approach of efficiency and profitability for your business consists in operational layouts, studio functionality, design elements, marketing strategies, trainer certification, finance revenues and quality standards.


Fit Express® is the largest EMS network and market leader in the EMS studio segment

In all cities in the world, there is a huge potential for many more Fit Express® studios. Our plans include world wide expansion, this is why we made sure, that our franchising system is very accessible.


Nevertheless, we are a young & dynamic team waiting for you to conquer all our blank spots on the world map


There are many reasons you should consider when thinking about partnering with Fit Express®

The first one is becoming your own business manager and create a source of income by means of this exciting investment opportunity.

Fit Express® franchise requires a significantly lower total investment than other franchise systems.

So why wait? Join the Fit Express® family now.

You will receive our full support in: site selection, EMS technology, financial solutions, Studio management, Fit Express Application, Fit Express Academy, and much more …