Fibo 2018 – Bigger than ever!

Fibo 2018 – Bigger than ever!

Fibo 2018 – Bigger than ever!


The Fibo International Expo for fitness, health and wellness trade shows takes place in Cologne starting today until April 15. Over 500 international exhibitors present their merchandise, taking the opportunity to reach a new market.


In addition to all classic equipments for fitness enthusiasts, health clubs, wellness studios, etc, the Fibo expo also includes the EMS innovations and training equipment, as well as various franchises of the industry, their facilities and services. With the advancement of technology, more and more investors are focused on businesses that ensure a healthy lifestyle.


Here’s what to expect from the promising EMS market at Fibo 2018


This is a great focus for us at Fit Express, considering our primary objective is based on sports, healthy living and nutrition. The event deals with over hundreds of investors, looking for the latest trends for their gyms, wellness facilities, medical practices and any other related sports activities.


The industry’s key players — XBody, Justfit and Miha Bodytec — come together in Cologne to set trends and show the sports industry where the future of fitness lies.


This is a good chance for everybody passionate about EMS to learn everything there is to know about the choices these global brands make and exchange ideas from one manufacturer to another.


XBody at Fibo 2018


To see the performance of XBody’s equipment and their latest developments, be sure to check out their hall.

Investors looking for medical concepts and programmes can also find guidance here, considering the fact that the Germans have already approved the XBody Newave MED as a medical device, having it certified through the TÜV Rheinland institution.


Miha Bodytec at Fibo 2018


The latest additions for electrical muscle stimulation training from Miha Bodytec will also be on display, including systems that allow users to exercise safe and effective with their virtual training support.


Justfit at Fibo 2018


Following their success in 2017, Justfit is still experiencing a huge boom in the world of EMS, reason why this exposition they decided to integrate education, experience and innovation for the general public. This is once again, a chance for everyone interested to find out the latest information about the Justfit brand.


Updated trends, updated technology, updated concepts!


The Fibo exposition is always a great experience, reason why we always look forward to participate.


Find and try all 3 global brands.

Get a comprehensive overview.

Receive all relevant information.

Then decide to build a professional business or accelerate the one you already have.