Fast Profits For Your EMS Studio

Fast Profits For Your EMS Studio

The EMS market’s focus has been misdirected for far too long. Focusing on how many customers you train in your EMS studio and not the bottom line is what’s holding you back from getting the high investment return you expect.

After 1 decade of working in and around the EMS industry, we are still amazed at how much the fundamental laws apply reason why in this post, we are looking closely at how to make the highest investment returns with the EMS business.

When operating an EMS studio, your number of members doesn’t reflect the true success of your EMS fitness centre. That’s just smoke screen.

We’re not trying to scare you. It’s the truth.

What gets measured gets done

If you don’t track every single number related to your EMS studio, you are setting yourself up to failure.

The thought of embarking on a fitness-sports-related adventure can be both exciting and intimidating. Whilst it’s clear that the EMS industry is exploding, growing this business (like any other business) comes with several challenges.

Our vision is to help personal trainers or investors grow their EMS studio and expand their horizons.

Key Performance Indicators for EMS Studios

Your KPIs are your basic EMS business figures that will give you a great idea whether your EMS studio is running healthy or if it’s scheduled for failure.

What to consider:

—> total number of new leads this week

—> where do your leads come from

—> if they didn’t book an EMS session, why?

—> total number of new memberships this week

—> how many didn’t book an EMS session?

—> why didn’t they renew their membership?

—> total number of active customers

—> total number of customers lost

—> how many booked and never showed up?

—> frequency of EMS training sessions this week 

—> the total amount of income last week

—> the total amount of income this week 

—> average customer lifetime

What’s behind these growth numbers called KPIs?

We use these statistics for our EMS franchise studios.

Turn these questions into an accounting strategy plan or personal finance advising made at the end each week.

Your main goal? Never allow the amount of income to go down.

You’ll be surprised by how focusing on real numbers impacts your EMS studio’s progress.

Our franchise studios have doubled their monthly incomes since starting this personal accounting plan and we know that you will too.

Budget for EMS Studios

If you don’t have a financial strategy, you are setting yourself up for a lot of stress.

Security is one of the most important steps you can make for the safety of your EMS studio. You should have a weekly or monthly budget assigned for EMS regular expenses and custom expenses. 

Try breaking your monthly budget into fixed expenses (occurring every single month, such as rent and utilities, cleaning services, loan, accounting and taxes) and misc. costs (trainer education, marketing promotions, online advertising, EMS studio supplies, equipment and accessories) that you need to pay attention to and control as much as you can.
Whatever is left over at the end of each month, above all other spendings, should be re-invested or saved. Remember, security is your EMS studio’s #1 priority, not having a bunch of cool sneakers and fashion outfits.

Acquire More Customers In Your EMS Studio

Whether you’re just embarking on this journey that involves EMS technology equipment or you’ve already set sail and are looking to expand your marketing horizons, constantly think about building your EMS studio by acquiring more customers. Ensure that your building an EMS studio or fitness centre with a name that fits your principles, strengths and unique story.

Ask yourself questions such as “what does my EMS studio offers to its sports enthusiasts that other EMS studios don’t?” or “what are 3 remarkable elements that customers associate with me, my personal trainers or my EMS studio?”.

This is called branding and it’s key to being truly unique and differentiating yourself from the hundreds of other EMS studios out there.

It’s what will make Mr. or Mrs. Customer choose to train with you over any other EMS studio.

Starting and growing an EMS studio requires a lot of time, effort and understanding on different topics. Additionally, generating new clients and acquiring leads is one of the greatest challenges for personal trainers / owners who struggle to promote their EMS studio effectively. 

Finding a good counselling team of people to guide you with marketing aspects can be of value.

Gain More Profit from your EMS Studio

Long story short, the formula for profit is revenue minus cost, right? Based on this formula, put very simply, you will generate higher profits if you drive up revenue and lower costs. Once you have a steady flow of customers training in your EMS studio, the revenue portion of your profit formula is likely to be in check. Following this practice, finding more cost effective ways to maintain and run your EMS studio can keep your expenses low and boost your returns.

This approach may include minimising operational or administrative spendings.

Physical Expansion (Your Own EMS Studios Network)

If you’ve mastered client acquisition and maximised your profits, your EMS studio is most likely blooming. This means you have a strong cash flow and once you’ve reached this steady point, it’s most probably about time to expand your EMS studio.

Buying another wireless kit for your EMS device isn’t the cheapest investment, but will build your EMS business on a larger scale.

The EMS market is notorious for talking about the number of customers and profit income.

Identify what makes you better than other EMS studios in your area.

Is it your price, services, experience, qualifications? Present your EMS studio’s strengths, use your imagination, but keep this one very important rule in mind: use free EMS trial sessions for large sale promotions only. 

After considering all of the above points mentioned and if done correctly, then your EMS studio will benefit from the highest return of investment you can imagine. Do them wrong and it will be like the final nail to your coffin.