EMS workout studios in America – the unique wave of fitness in 2018

EMS workout studios in America – the unique wave of fitness in 2018

One out of five Americans are working out or at least, paying for a membership they don’t use. But this puts the fitness landscape in the United States of America in a sweet spot due to the overweight population looking for solutions to get back in shape.


EMS fitness sessions are on the high-end in terms of atmosphere, time efficiency and essential offerings. The few studios that are in America right now are so trendy and nice, even the rich folks are showering in the studio or are stealing the shampoo.


Today, the American market is ripe for confident entrepreneurs who want to join the EMS industry. This industry is considered to include both exclusive studios as well as fitness centers using the EMS technology.


Questions to ask


If you’re considering an exclusive EMS fitness studio or to incorporate the EMS techonology in your already existing gym / fitness center, it pays to do your research. Once you’ve had a deeper look on what the market looks like in your city / country, start with these questions:


  1. What are the costs of the equipment, where can you get the best price and what specifically is included in the package
  2. What is the typical time-to-open? As the owner, it’s important to know when you’ll start to see your investment return
  3. Will the EMS equipment deliver high performance results? Is it stable and good to work with? Talk to other owners!
  4. Are there any local regulations you need to be aware of? Ask the equipment distributor to provide you with any documentation you require
  5. Will the local market buy the EMS idea? Is there demand?


Skills that would enable you to become an EMS device owner EVEN MORE


  1. You have 2-4 years experience as a personal trainer, with consistently positive feedback from customers or superiors
  2. You have education in one or more of the following: College degree in any related field with sports, Personal Trainer certification, accredited Nutrition school. Any other related certifications are welcome
  3. You have a knack for embracing your customers’ need for emotion through verbal communication. You have great communication skills and inspire others. Empathizing with clients is a quality that only the most successful personal trainers possess
  4. Your personal or previous experience allows you to successfully handle customers with objectives varying from general health and medical recovery to strength training and weight loss
  5. You are highly motivated
  6. You are comfortable with EMS fitness and embrace every new wave of technology
  7. You are willing to work during the weekends and understand the need to connect to some of your customers’ schedule


If this sounds like an opportunity you’d like to explore, you came in the right place.


Here are 5 inspiring EMS businesses that offer the EMS fitness workouts for health and well-being in the United States of America.


Shock Therapy – New York City, NY

Shock Therapy is an EMS fitness facility that offers EMS workouts only. Known for its fun atmosphere and qualified staff, the EMS studio is located at 153 E. 70th Street in New York City. There are EMS group sessions and private workouts that cater to members’ individualize preferences.


FITtec – Walnut Gardens Boulders, CO

Founded by Shaun Bezuidenhout, FITtec is a studio that incorporates EMS fitness sessions as a lifestyle change for those looking to tone up or lose weight. The owner intends to open EMS studios all around America and has franchising options for those interested in opening their own facility.


Ninety20 – Dallas, TX

Ninety20 is based in Dallas and provides EMS total-body workouts only, just like the two previous studios we mentioned. They offer four, eight and twelve session plans, as well as single workouts for people whose schedule is a little uncertain.


E Pulse Fitness – New York City, NY

The principles behind E Pulse Fitness aren’t new – dropping pounds of fat and proving that weight loss can be a simple equation, developing satisfying habits and continuously helping everyone become healthier.

Mandu – Miami, FL / Santa Monica, CA / Nashville, TN / 

What began as a one machine EMS fitness facility is now a five studio chain in America.

The owner believed in the EMS technology and now has more than 2000 members at his six locations.


The good news is, that in America, there are only a couple more EMS fitness studios engaged into this wave of change. Which means it’s the age of EMS technology and investors can start feeling the pinch.