EMS Training: The Workout That Gives The Fastest Results


EMS Training: The Workout That Gives The Fastest Results


Summer is in the air and with it, hits the rush to lose weight, firm up and get it shape for beach season. We know the drill because it’s that one thing we all have in common: being ready to get in shape and wanting it to happen quickly. Overnight would be nice, but let’s get real and rely on EMS training,

But how quickly can you honestly expect to see your EMS workouts pay off? And more importantly, is it actually healthy?


First thing’s first: No, we don’t believe EMS is better than traditional exercise (no matter what those marketing ads say).

But even though we’d all wish to build that body in a classic gym, that doesn’t mean everyone can afford a solid time there for body definition. Should we add that some people simply shudder at the thought of lifting weights inside a gym or running on a treadmill?

Long story short, EMS helps with instant results to your muscles fibers – in a good way. The great part about it is that it also prevents muscle breakdowns that sometimes occur to those cardio queens, who consistently workout in the gym on a high-intensity level that their body cannot handle.


Immediate differences in muscle definition with EMS training


Seriously, EMS is dynamic and works throughout your entire body – like your butt, back, hamstrings, belly, arms, shoulders and calfs, getting instant results and making them look more toned since your first EMS session.

After just a couple of EMS sessions, you’ll notice your belly de-bloats, your booty feels firmer, your glutes look bigger and your biceps look tighter and toned.


It’s also important to remember that your muscles don’t get stronger or faster during your EMS sessions. You become fit in the days in between your EMS trainings as you muscles repair and adapt to your given workouts. Think about it!

What’s more, when committing to EMS, some people notice benefits mostly before their first kilograms drop.


Only 2 pieces of equipment define an EMS session:

à the EMS complete training suit

à the cotton underwear that is worn underneath the suit


Since the EMS training engages all your major muscle groups, be prepared to sweat, burn maximum fat and calories. The workout is quick and “dirty”, even if it’s just for 20 minutes.


The EMS training program


You warm up for 3 minutes with dynamic stretching. The rest of the time is meant to challenge your endurance and strength. You’re going to do as many rounds of exercises as possible, specially designed and selected by your EMS personal trainer, according to your fitness goals. Rest no more than 10-20 seconds between sets, while simultaneously drink as much water as you can.

Take note that the EMS training is not about speed, but about the correctness of your moves. Even if you’re there for just 20 minutes, take your time and focus on keeping your entire body tight as you exercise.


EMS training is an amazing alternative to traditional workouts if you want to see quick results. On your days off, allow your body to recover and don’t push it too much in other fitness activites, simply because it would impact your progress. Perform an EMS session once every two days.

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