EMS Technology In The United States

EMS Technology In The United States

If you are thinking about opening an EMS business in the United States of America, the first thing you will want to know is how is the EMS technology and equipment subject to the federal state laws and requirements.  Or better said, to FDA.

Long story short, it isn’t – YET! Because the more innovative the product, the longer it takes to prove its safety. Unfortunately, approving the EMS technology has been delayed much longer than the actual time it would have taken to determine its safety and effectiveness. Not to mention FDA doesn’t keep up with the rapidly changing tech equipments on the market. 

Given the human nature of consumers, people examined the EMS technology and equipments during trade shows, exhibitions and on the Internet. Luckily for the EMS companies, they can advertise their products and educate potential purchasers or investors about their products. 


Since there is already such a great competition in Europe and Asia promoting these EMS devices, the race to commercialize EMS in America means that investors started using this technology prior to becoming FDA approved. 


Performing 2 hours of intense training in 20 minutes of EMS sessions seems like an impossible dream for Americans, but the EMS technology has been used for centuries as a form of physical or medical therapy, having a powerful impact on clients who were able to notice tremendous gains, as well as lose some pants sizes for those who desired it. In other words, EMS is designed for those who are always on-the-go and want to discover its incredible effects


As with all other industries, the EMS technology exists having abundant options, which may make it difficult for investors to select the right EMS provider. Having so many factors come into play, what are the most important qualities to consider when choosing the EMS machine for your business? 


  1. Extensively proven quality EMS system


  1. Customer and engineering support


  1. Device capabilities


  1. Effectiveness


  1. Packaging and shipping


  1. Total cost



It’s going to be quite an year for America and we’re looking forward to connecting with all EMS studios, as well as meeting new investors. EMS is always a great reason to become inspired!


We would like to make it clear that the EMS technology will make a large splash in the USA!


This is your chance to speed up your marketing techniques and turn the EMS concept into a realistic business. With the help of our expert advisory team, you can avoid costly surprises, deliver what your customers need in a time-saving format and market your EMS studio faster to achieve your profitability goals. 


Looking forward to meeting new partners! Drop us an email at info@fit.express and learn how we do it.