EMS Studios: Why Is This Business Idea So Appealing To Investors?

EMS Studios: Why Is This Business Idea So Appealing To Investors?

EMS Studios: Why Is This Business Idea So Appealing To Investors?

Between 2013 and 2019, EMS training has been among the fastest-growing business opportunities, expanding at 10.2% annually.

The EMS industry is expected to maintain its 10.2% growth trajectory through 2023. Depending on which side of the market you’re on, individuals believe sports and fitness is either dying or still blooming well. For us, it is the latter.

If you’re a newcomer to the market, but have a fitness background, you might have toyed with the idea of owning an EMS studio of your own.

There are a number of reasons for the industry’s vitality and impressive evolution. Among them, more health-conscious individuals, attractive prices, fresh business models, conveniently located EMS studios, personal trainers increasing professionalism, the market’s growing sophistication, the power of marketing…. You get the idea — the list goes on and on.

Starting any new business raises a host of questions that need answers, but two of the most important are:

How much will it cost?

What risks do I face?

The relatively low costs that you depend on to start your EMS business might run anywhere between 15.000 Euro to 60.000 Euro or more. Clearly there are EMS studios less and more expensive. These startup costs depend largely on the type of EMS equipment someone chooses, the size of the studio, supplies and reserves, furniture and more. Understanding

Another common mistake is treating your EMS business as a passive entity — one that will grow by itself. Your EMS studio won’t grow organically unless you constantly reinvest and capitalize.

Many first-timers in the EMS industry underestimate their initial investment and ongoing operational fees.

Is opening an EMS studio affordable?

This is always a tricky question to answer, but it is helpful to note that opening an EMS studio has been rated amongst the top low-cost business options in the world. It has been discovered that EMS studio owners typically have a positive return on their investment a lot quicker than investors positioned in the same fitness industry (traditional gym owners).

Opening an EMS studio is quite affordable, as opposed to opening a health club. You are also given the option of buying your EMS equipment in instalments, incorporated in your overall monthly expenses.

What makes EMS studios so appealing?

Health-conscious people usually choose a niche business idea because they feel more comfortable in managing smaller spaces.

Individuals have access to one-to-one EMS workouts and learn how to get the most out of their training sessions.

Wouldn’t you love a share of the EMS industry?

Well, you can!

Fit Express makes it possible for you to open your own EMS business and it’s easier than you can imagine.

After you purchase your EMS machine, what you need to learn first is never to do everything by yourself. For example, rather than opening an EMS studio and having to create everything from scratch, you can choose to go with the internationally-established Fit Express franchise.

There, you’ll find a marketing strategy already up and running, plus you’ll get the training you need along the way to run your EMS studio correctly.

Of course you’ll need to commit to your EMS studio and work hard to make it successful. You’re already passionate about both health and success, so we like to think that you’re well ahead of the game already.

Do your research, buy in the right EMS equipment, partner up with a franchise if you think this option suits your needs and plan your business really well. Before you’ll even know it, you’ll have a cozy little nice EMS studio and a flock of loyal clientele.

What about support?

Fit Express offers 24/7 support through the entire process and beyond to franchised studios and non. In fact, we openly advertise that our training is ongoing and never stops. Our master trainer is always available to assist owners and personal trainers, constantly upgrading his training programme and looking for creative ways to provide support.

People will always be interested in EMS workouts. The more accessible and convenient you can make your EMS studio, the more likely loyal customers will join.