Is EMS a safe workout option for me?


The EMS training sessions have hit the fitness scene by storm, with several EMS locations popping up all around the world. But how safe is this new popular phenomenon of staying hooked to a set of electrodes and having electric impulses go into your muscles? Should you give it a try?


First things first, EMS training isn’t what many people say! It has been used for decades by scientists, physicians, physiotherapists and private health clubs. Now, it is used in exclusive EMS studios, medical clinics, spas, salons and gyms. Electric muscle stimulation (EMS) is also not limited to young people, it’s really strongly recommended for the elderly.


Here is an overview of what EMS allows you to do:


  • Reduces obesity risk
  • Reduces stress and prevents heart diseases
  • Contributes to the decrease of cholesterol
  • Fights against the osteoporosis
  • Improves the immune system
  • Maintains muscle mass
  • Reduces the risk of depression


Research statistics for EMS trainings:

  • 87% of users reported better body shaping effects, compared to conventional training methods
    • 89% felt significantly stronger and more toned
    • Body fat was reduced by up to 4% within six weeks of starting EMS training.
    • Women lost an average of 1.5 cm on the waist and hips area
    • Men reduced their waist size by an average of 2.3 cm after six weeks, simultaneously building muscle on the legs area, on the upper arms and on the chest
    • Overweight clients lost an average of 3.5 kg and 9% body fat, as well as 6.5 cm from their waist and 2 cm from their upper arms, after just 13 weeks’ training
    • Fat around the stomach was reduced by 6.8%
    • Professional athletes reported a 4% increase in total muscle growth compared to conventional training methods
    • Whole body EMS increased the maximum performance of athletes by up to 30% and an increase in speed was recorded up to three weeks after the last training session
    • The speed of muscle contractions increased by an average of 22% after eight training sessions, maximum abdominal muscle performance increased by around 67% and the explosive power of hard to train core muscles improved by up to 74%


Why is EMS safe?


  • Since it is not the time to compromise on the EMS equipment you use, the XBody and Justfit EMS machines should be your quality options. When it comes to EMS, price of the training sessions are usually directly related to the quality of the EMS machine and the personal trainer.
  • It is safe for any type of individual who is capable of doing normal exercise
  • It is used by medicine specialists to treat people suffering from several injuries, encouraging the healing
  • It is backed up by numerous scientific publications
  • It complies with all international standards as a medical device
  • Correctly used, it develops maximum strength


Above all, be sure to read below the following warnings and pieces of advice about EMS training sessions adapted to your lifestyle:


  1. In case of malaise, ailment, dizziness or feeling aching tightness around the chest or heart area, you must immediately stop and report everything to the XBody EMS trainer!
  2. Cable electrodes must not be reconnected or disconnected once the device has been launched. Please make sure that your EMS trainer always stops the program and switches off the device before he/she re- or disconnects the electrodes. High risk of injury!
  3. Certain electrodes must be placed only to the appropriate body parts!
  4. Electrodes must not be placed directly or around the area where skin surface is injured (wounds, inflammation, skin burns, iching surface, eczema, etc.)
  5. If you feel any hotness or discomfort on your skin during the training, you need to report everything immediately to your trainer and have him disconnect the device! High risk of injury!
  6. The positions of the limbs stimulated must be in an isometrically tensioned state and fixed under professional control.
  7. Always start your training on a low intensity of impulse and increase intensity for muscular effort step by step.
  8. Ensure water intake before, during and after training!
  9. Have a short break (min. 30 sec) during the training and drink min. 0,25 l clear water.
  10. Before you start you must be sure that you haven’t consumed any alcohol for 48 hours.
  11. Make sure that you had a complete meal min. 4 hours before your training.

Contraindications: (You must do XBody EMS training only under and your GP’s official approval and supervision)

–  Epilepsy

–  Psychiatric disease (schizophrenia)

–  Heart diseases

–  Pacemaker

–  Generally high Creatine Kinase enzyme values (hypothyroidism, uremia, etc.)

–  Pregnancy

–  Severe haemophilia

–  Abdominal hernia

–  Cancer

–  Thrombosis or thrombosis tendency (thrombophilia, blood clots issues, etc.)

–  Severe neurological diseases

–  Diabetes

–  Tuberculosis

–  Diseases associated with fever, acute bacterial or viral infections

–  medications: ___________________________________________________

Important information:
In case you have your blood analysed 2-6 days after your last EMS training it is important to inform your doctor to prevent incorrect misinterpretation of your values.


EMS training is not for the people waiting for miracles while sitting on the couch, but for those who intend to use it in athletics, rehabilitation and bodybuilding.




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