EMS Marketing – You have a goal, we have a team to get you there

EMS Marketing – You have a goal, we have a team to get you there

In EMS, it’s tempting to jump straight into scheduling workout sessions, before even setting an online marketing strategy. If you operate an EMS business and have tried to reach out to potential targeted audiences or simply wanted to determine your existing customers to commit on long-term, chances are your efforts have turned out to be inefficient, random or even careless.

Whatever your reason, if you feel it’s time for a new way to promote your EMS business, get some of the good stuff we have available: experience, know-how and tools.

Our tools provide different things to different audiences. It’s almost always about communicating with your clients, according to culture, shopping behaviour and life habits, which determines us to round up some of the best individual strategies that quantify results.


97% of EMS customers go online to find local businesses and 82% of smartphone users choose a search engine when looking for an EMS studio. How do you connect with your audience?


Advertising to your exact market by targeting the customer, not the keyword


The Fit Express online strategy is a complete plan that uses a vital approach for your EMS business.

At the beginning, we analyze your current business status, which gives us a careful starting perspective and helps us gather information about the customers you sell to, the market you operate in and your competitors.

We begin with clearly identified goals and then determine the marketing approach, the time involved in the process and the allocated budget.


“Should I” or “shouldn’t I” is the question you might be asking yourself now.

Whatever the country you operate in, our goal is always the same: to understand your market’s opportunities and threats, to drive your EMS business forward and to build deeper relationships with your customers.

Using the right tools and making the most of them, we provide valuable metrics and relevant data resources that will clearly distinguish a meaningful growth and exposure of your EMS business.


We really know what is going on in the industry – which enables us to provide qualified marketing strategies that actually work. In the absence of a clear marketing strategy, it is likely that you won’t achieve your objectives. Our team is focused on ensuring your audience grows, stays engaged and leads to measurable sales.


Think you can’t afford our services? Think again! We have individual, affordable plans that set you up for success. Spend less and earn more by optimizing your budget according to the advanced analytics details (you can actually understand) that we provide you with.


No long-term contracts. No handcuffs for no specific time. Ever. Nevertheless, we do recommend you maintain your online campaigns at least 4 to six months for you to meet your targeted goals. We will help you understand what channels to focus on, how to engage with your potential audience and carry a clear message.



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