EMS Market Analysis 2020 – Cost & Trends

EMS Market Analysis 2020 – Cost & Trends

EMS Market Analysis 2020 – Cost & Trends

The idea of doing EMS workouts is in. One out of every five Europeans are heading to their local EMS studio and paying for a membership.

Which puts the EMS market in a pretty good spot: a wide range of unhealthy and overweight people are searching for ways to get fit.

Get Fit With EMS

The EMS industry is considered to include EMS studios, gyms, health clubs, hotels, as well as beauty salons, massage centers, mobile trainers and private facilities for training athletes.

Here we are interested in the business side

This is a market that has seen diversity become the spice of life. Traditional workouts are being replaced with EMS sessions, while even newer technologies are being developed at a breakneck pace.

At the more traditional EMS studios, you get what you pay for

The simplest EMS studios distinguish themselves at least in part through price point. High-end EMS studios offer an almost spa-like atmosphere for larger session costs; low-end offerings carry just the essentials.

Consider Fit Express studios on the high-end. These EMS studios are so spotless and trendy, even the rich customers are stealing the shampoo. They appeal to the public with nice amenities and exquisite marketing campaigns of their beautiful studios doing incredible body transformations for customers.

Compare that with other facilities, extremely low-cost, “everyday” EMS studios who set their price point so low that it banks on customers not bothering to cancel even when they stop attending (and it works!)

Plenty of EMS offerings lay in between these two extremes — something for every price level. If you’re considering an EMS franchise, keep in mind your local market – are customers willing to pay for luxury or would they rather save money and shower at home?

EMS industry statistics

United States

Over 1 million Americans paid EMS memberships in 2018 and for the second year in a row, actual visits to EMS workouts exceeds 2 million! The average EMS player visited their EMS studio over 100 times, an all-time high.

Memberships have grown 18.6% between 2017-2019 and the trend continues in 2020.

We now have 34.000 EMS studios with a revenue of $3.2 billion


There are over 85.000 EMS studios, estimated to have earned 52 billion Euro from their 12 million members.


70% of Americans aged over 20 years old are overweight, including a percentage of 35% labeled as obese. Meanwhile, awareness and education about the importance of having a healthy lifestyle has increased. It’s not a secret, nor is it science-fiction, but a certain knowledge —>  sports and EMS improves energy levels, decreases medical expenses and likely increases lifetime.

Especially those customers that have shied away from traditional gyms are now getting their groove back in EMS facilities. The EMS market demand is strong and finding success will come down to finding the type of services that will work for your local community.

Well, it can’t be so easy otherwise everybody would do It

As a matter of fact, it is easy. But there are risk we advise you to take into account, of course.

The EMS industry comes with a bunch of challenges an entrepreneur should be aware of — but primarily, it’s just traditional competition.

—> pricing wars are real and fierce. Big companies, franchises, private centers pour lots of money into their marketing and get in front of your potential customer. They can afford special deals that a smaller EMS studio can’t afford

—> EMS studios operated as medical centers, recovery facilities, and even some health clubs also frequently manage big budgets, a captive audience and in some cases, trainer / doctor recommendations.

—> personal trainers offer private EMS workouts in client’s home.

Research your local market for home EMS trainers. Become one yourself if you are attracted to the idea.

—> online choices are expanding. People are purchasing EMS machines at home, then joining virtual EMS communities, going in live EMS sessions and then sharing their experiences, making the EMS trainer less necessary.

Should you consider an EMS franchise?

As you might expect, the classic owner of an EMS franchise studio is passionate about anything related to fitness. Not just keeping themselves fit, but dedicated to spreading know-how and helping other people get fit.

An EMS franchise ensures your trainers have the same passion and are as effective as brand ambassadors because it’s not just the owner that interfaces with the customers, right?

An EMS franchise studio benefits from the branding and organised structure offered by the mother franchisor. In the EMS industry, this includes not only the marketing, design and sales plan, but also the operational management structure.

The mother franchisor has also worked out the perks with the industry – at least a lot of them – and has proven the business plan can bring results in certain circumstances.


Starting any business can be expensive, but with EMS studios there is a lot of variability depending on the type of equipment you purchase, the supplies needed or the location’s amenities.

Higher expenses include:

—> renting or buying a property

—> building out the studio with amenities, design, special elements

—> EMS equipment – very diverse costs depending on the brand, but typically a significant cost

Questions to ask

If you’re considering an EMS studio, do your research. Once you’ve chosen an EMS equipment brand, decide on a franchise only if you find one that’s worth a deeper look.

Then ask yourself these few questions to start with:

What are the total costs I should expect?

When will you start seeing some return?

Is the EMS equipment stable and good to work with? Talk to other EMS studio owners!

Are there any local regulations that you need to be aware of?

What fitness ideas are your potential local clients most likely to buy into?

Strong EMS demand and a lot of great options to choose from — even despite the risks, opportunities in the EMS market are all around.

Find out what might work for you!