EMS killer body workout – based on the latest research


EMS killer body workout – based on the latest research


The scientifically backed 20 minute workout will get you back in shape!

It is called EMS training and it has been designed to boost endurance and build muscle strength. EMS training works well for those who have a zillion things on the go, raise little ones and run a million errands, who don’t exercise at all or lack the time needed for the traditional gym. It jolts your metabolism out of lazy mode and gets it moving again.


It’s common for some EMS personal trainers to propose regularly the same EMS workout routine week after week. But if you do the same moves at the same intensity all the time, your body will hit a plateau and you’ll end up getting the same results…

That’s why we’ve compiled some simple exercises that are guaranteed to get you the desired results.


Get into shape fast with EMS training – for real!


Find out what EMS exercises can fasten up weight loss and then propose to your personal trainer to incorporate one of these routines into your EMS workout.

Perform these exercises intensely for 30 seconds each, take 10 seconds breaks in between and then repeat the circuit at least one time.


Dynamic warm up – total body


Jumping Jacks

Do them rapidly so you can bring your body temperature up.


and Frankenstein walks, half squats any other exercises that make you bend and stretch your arms and legs.


Wall sits – calves and quadriceps

Lean back against a wall, bending your knees at 90 degrees. Hold this position.


Push-ups – chest, abs, triceps

Do as many as you can while keeping your back straight.


Crunches – abdominal muscles

Pay attention to your abs. Lift with them and not your back.


Step-ups – legs, hips and butt

Face ahead and don’t look down. Step up with one leg. Step down. Repeat.


Skaters – glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves  

Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Leap out with the right foot, crossing the left leg back behind the right and touch the toes to the ground. Repeat to the opposite side.


High / Low Boat – the entire core

Seated position, knees bent, armed crossed in front of your chest. Pick both feet up slowly, having your knees bent at 90 degrees. Recline the torso back, while keeping your core engaged. Inhale and extend the legs in front you. Recline the torso closer to the floor. Exhale.


Triangle push-ups – chest, shoulders, triceps and core

Start with a kneeling position, place your thumbs and forefingers together in a triangle shape underneath your chest.

Straighten your legs, engage your abdominals, slowly bend your elbows and then lower your chest toward the floor.


Squats – legs and butt

Keep your back straight and push your body weight through your heels.


Chair dips – triceps

Lower your body until your arms are perpendicular to the floor.


Planks – core muscles and whole body

Hold your body in a straight line from shoulders to ankles.


Running in place – total body

Bring your knees up as high as possible.


Lunges – legs, hip

Keep your upper body straight. Step forward with one leg until both knees are at a 90-degree angle.


Push-ups and rotations – upper body

After each push-up, rotate sideways and place one arm in the air.


Side planks – core muscles, total body

Hold a plank sideways making a straight line with your body.


If your heart isn’t pounding, you’re doing it wrong! Repeat all the exercises 1 time if possible. Now you know what workout circuit to suggest to your trainer for an effective 20 minute EMS training!


Remember, convincing your body to grow strength and develop muscles is not easy! However, the EMS training performed with the right exercises provides the most significant effects.

Therefore, your EMS personal trainer needs to always choose the right workout routine in order to show your body that you mean serious business.



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