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EMS Fitness Worldwide: How EMS Grew By 100% Year On Year

Be warned: once you see these EMS business statistics, you may get serious about opening your own studio

If you’re into sports, chances are you’ve heard about the fastest growing business idea – which is opening an EMS studio.

The EMS fitness workout is a phenomenon thanks to which there are now more than 5.000 studios across the globe with many more businesses due to open in coming months. 

The rise of the EMS fitness industry

The goal of electro-muscle stimulation devices is for there to be several EMS centres in almost every city, and the way things are going, we can imagine that mission won’t be hard to achieve.

To get a better sense of what electro-muscle stimulation technology is all about and what can we expect from it in the future, we need to understand that innovation will play a major role in the fitness journey and technology is what will sustain your EMS business success and keep fitness enthusiasts engaged.

The reasons the EMS fitness industry is booming

The concept of EMS workouts is simple and you know what you’re getting at most EMS high-style studios.

All of the EMS studios, whichever part of the world they’re in, offer almost the same 20 minute high-intensity workout with exercises that mimic or recreate everyday movement, traditional strength-building workouts at the gym, cardio and soothing massage.

The EMS workout requires the use of your entire body and multiple muscle groups that you use in your everyday life. This can involve lifting, squatting, jumping, twisting, punching, kicking, pulling, pushing, biking, and so much more.

So why 20 minutes? Well, the duration is fixed to provide a timing structure to maximise performances and progress. Each EMS schedule plan varies the number of sessions per week, the rest days between workouts and the number of repetitions through the circuit of 10 days.

EMS fitness workouts were therefore built somewhere in between those traditional gym goers and the clients willing to pay for private personal training, but more like an enabler to get so much more motivation by including innovation in these trainings.

Fitness trend: increased technology use

No doubt that most successful EMS studios built their pillars on “motivation”, “innovation” and “fantastic results”.

Group workouts are exploding and most customers love having a buddy in their EMS workout session. It’s like going back in the old fitness trends, as part of a sports community or as part of a team.

We believe that’s what makes wireless EMS workout sessions so special.

Every customer feels unique to their trainer, feels part of a dedicated sports community, and truthfully that’s what gets them coming back to train for three months, for six months, and on some occasions even for two-three years — in the same EMS studio.

This helped EMS technology get worldwide recognition as a training methodology and there’s always going to be a market for people looking for beautiful equipments that completely transform your health and fitness levels.

Random facts and figures

Europe is now considered the largest EMS fitness market in the world, followed by Asia, but it’s no surprise how the soaring popularity of the electro-muscle stimulation technology is starting to widely improve lives in the United States and become a big player in their fitness industry.

According to studies, Germany still holds the crown for highest yearly EMS business growth, closely followed by Italy and Spain, making EMS workouts accessible for all.

While everybody can benefit from the guaranteed results of EMS workouts, it’s a surprise to see how Nordic countries are making the rest of the world look like couch potatoes. Way more people in Iceland, Norway and then in the rest of the world do the recommended minimum number of EMS sessions and the difference may be due to Northern’s love of the outdoors and anything sports related.

Oddly enough, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta, UK and Ireland are among the countries where sports lovers have the lowest performers.

EMS popularity is globally thriving as more people become obsessed with their health

Current trends indicate that EMS fitness studios will experience continued growth thanks to their unique structure elements that appeal to health and fitness enthusiasts.

An EMS workout is much more personalised to provide direction, support, motivation and results every step of the way.

By the way, if you’re an investor looking for an exciting business idea in the fitness industry, there’s no better EMS device to start your studio with than with the number 1 player in the arena, Justfit. Based in Hungary, Justfit had a humble beginning but is nowadays used by millions of global users, providing the most intense EMS workout sessions available on the market.

We’d love to hear more about where you launched and grew your EMS business and how you are improving your studio’s wellbeing on the fitness market. 

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