EMS business trends for 2020

EMS business trends for 2020

EMS business trends for 2020

EMS shows it is only going to get bigger and better in 2020 for both customers and studios.

2019 has been a wealth of evolution in EMS for customers, professionals and facilities within the EMS industry. This growth shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

With almost half of 2020 already here, new opportunities within the EMS industry are going to redefine the market, making EMS studios, gyms and wellness centers more accessible than ever before.

Here’s a quick look at the EMS trends we can expect seeing and how the market should prepare for them:


Increased customer interest in EMS technology   

EMS technology proved that convenience is what drives consumer’s loyalty in their journey to a more well-balanced lifestyle.

EMS workouts are helping more people get active and fit by using fitness experiences that are fun, habit forming, social friendly and last, but most important – time and location sensitive.

For the last several years, EMS technology has earned the title of being the number one requested service within the entire fitness industry.

It is now an expected popular equipment in most wellness and health facilities. 

Sales patterns predict that they will continue to improve as their functionality, convenience and effectiveness continues to grow.

EMS dedicated booking apps that put power in the hand of their customers

Mobile booking apps are changing how all of us perceive and interact with the management of an EMS business. Apart from tracking the entire activity within a day for the owner, these booking apps provide for the customer weight-loss tracking, schedule and online booking.

For example, the Fit Express App, a popular mobile booking system dedicated to the EMS industry, has created a digital platform that allows owners to organise their entire business experience and provides customers with flexible options to make sure EMS can always fit into busy schedules.

Using a booking system is a win-win-win for customers and all EMS business owners: EMS fitness centers have new potential clients brought to their door and customers get discounted rates to try EMS workouts in certain studios or facilities.

This way, customers can simply book and pop into any nearby EMS studio to squeeze in a session at their convenience.

EMS workouts and games vs. EMS home training

2020 is predicted to be the year that Playstation and Xbox based EMS workouts take off. Playing games while working out with EMS transports individuals to a different state of mind and that continually keeps their bodies guessing (and sweating) with new challenges.

Online personal trainer EMS workouts through streaming technology are also expected to grow. More and more customers manifest interest towards the EMS home kits. Training online is still effective and even more convenient as they provide customers more flexibility with their time and schedule.

EMS trends: how gyms, health clubs and wellness centers must respond

With EMS technology providing individuals many more choices on how they can accomplish health and weight-loss, health clubs, gyms and wellness centers need to be flexible and prioritize adapting by investing in the most up-to-date EMS equipment.

All fitness clubs should transform their management and be open to integrating EMS machines in their facilities, otherwise they risk losing out to other locations that are more advanced.

Convenience is a deal-breaker for customers passionate about fitness and you don’t want to end up struggling to sell memberships. Additionally, if deciding to bring in EMS equipment, consider offering unlimited EMS sessions at a fixed fee to provide customers with even more flexibility to attend.

To make life simple enough for both you and your clients, it’s important to find an EMS machine that fits your business type.

How fitness centers and gyms process this advice and ultimately purchase EMS equipment, has the potential for them to offer significantly improved experiences to their customers.

With the explosion of EMS studios last year in densely populated countries, we know they will continue to pop up in all cities and suburbs.

The buzz surrounding EMS workouts has made the technology more accessible to the fitness market. This move will signify the expansion of EMS studios which could help drive down prices compared to their mark up in high-traffic cities.

Regardless, EMS studios will continue to grow in numbers, locations and members throughout 2020.

Since EMS workouts can also vary in terms of styles of sessions, there is no shortage of choices as far as training structure, appeal and accessories. Therefore, EMS studio owners should prioritize offering EMS workouts instead of traditional hour-long cardio sessions.

EMS for everyone

EMS workouts have stood the test of time over the last eight years or so, securing its name as one of the most rewarding and impactful types of trainings. EMS sessions perfectly cater to working out and being fit while being busy by packing the calorie burn of 2 hours of traditional training into a  20 minute time slot.

Attitudes towards EMS workouts have become as inclusive as possible for individuals of all ages (above 18) and backgrounds. In fact, senior citizens have pushed EMS sessions as a priority and are consistently citing them as the best way to fight agaist diseases commonly associated with older age, like flexibility, balance, mobility, joint pain, etc.


With EMS workouts literally putting health and fitness at our fingertips, the fitness market is ready to expand and transform like never before.

With all these progresses in mind, this year truly has the potential to be your new successful business.