EMS Brands Comparison: XBody, Justfit and Miha Bodytec

EMS Brands Comparison: XBody, Justfit and Miha Bodytec

Are you looking for the best EMS product to meet your goals? Not easy to decide!

But it is time to end your stressful searches for EMS equipment and the never-ending hunt of their benefits.

We’re here to help, after spending years researching, compiling features and comparing top-rated EMS products side-by-side. Our goal is to build a strong know-how foundation for you, while saving money!

Basically, there are plenty of so-called EMS brands on the market, but the way we see it, only 3 giants are dominating the EMS market – XBody and Justfit – both Hungarian companies – and Miha Bodytec, which is made in Germany.

Our advice is to go with either XBody or Justfit, the real EMS market leaders, because they stand for high quality and low maintenance costs.


Read below the PROS of XBody and Justfit, which hopefully will help you get an idea of customers’ satisfaction.


  • Workout sessions are more efficient and help you meet your goals for calorie burn, endurance, interval training and more


  • Powerful motors


  • Displays with full-color touchscreens


  • EMS certification available with worldwide recognition – when buying a Justfit or a XBody machine, you have the possibility to enroll in the Fit Express Academy basic course, designed for the education of owners and trainers. Above all, you’ll find available master training courses and advanced EMS level classes, depending on the user’s experience and agreement.


  • High-tech vest construction – durability is one of the most important features


  • Futuristic machine design and lightweight


  • Both are designed to make maintenance procedures as effortless as possible. Unlike Miha Bodytec, all spare parts are continuously available for purchase.


  • Advanced leg workouts


  XBody Miha Bodytec Justfit
Ease of Use Easy Moderate Very easy
Comfort Level High Moderate High
Harmful No No No
Service Yes No Yes
Frequency Low Low Low
Technology Wired, Wireless Wired Wireless
Channels   12 8 10
Price 10.200 Eur 13.500 Eur 10.900 Eur
TÜV certification Yes No Yes
Shoulder training Yes No No
Customer care Yes No Yes