Try before you buy

If you’re looking into buying a professional EMS device, we recommend you try it first in our LA Showroom on Santa Monica Bulevard.


Let our master trainer give you a 20-minute session and decide for yourself which device is the best for your business.


We give free business consultations.


Device Setup, Workout Techniques, Trainer certification, Studio Operation, and Financial advice. 

Try before you buy

    FDA Cleared 


    A well-priced and well-designed wireless EMS device is guaranteed to deliver results.


    The E-FIT head unit is made of high-quality carbon fiber housing and a large color display with high resolution.

    The ideal choice for fixed usage in every EMS studio.

    It combines ergonomy and modern design with high-quality materials.

    Designed to work simply and effectively using a wireless method that is in line with the EMS industry.

    Manufactured using advanced technology that simultaneously applies electronic impulses to all major muscle groups, the EMS training vests are professionally designed and built to last.

    *available in all sizes

    Sweat guards are worn underneath the training vests and offer a comfortable and hygienic training experience for your clients.

    *machine washable

    *available in all sizes

    The spray bottle is used to water the EMS vest electrodes and ensure maximal training performance.  Designed for rigorous daily use in EMS studios.

    A lightweight bag that makes portability as effortless as possible.

    Ideal for EMS personal trainers.

    E-Fit offers a 2-year warranty for the head unit and the stand.