Comparing EMS devices: The Difference Between Justfit, XBody and Miha Bodytec

Comparing EMS devices: The Difference Between Justfit, XBody and Miha Bodytec



Comparing EMS devices: The Difference Between Justfit, XBody and Miha Bodytec


Some of you reading this already know, but for those landing on our website for the first time — we are one of the largest full-service EMS equipment dealer in the world.

Established in 2012, Fit Express buys and sells EMS devices to individuals and businesses worldwide, offering all the resources to meet the needs of form and function at up to 30% off from MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price).

For over 7 years, we have been testing EMS devices in a variety of configurations, within our office space or while travelling. We created the only EMS app in the world that runs on IOS and Android and connects customers directly with EMS studios for the ease of their booking.

We have been distributors for all 3 brands, selling a total of a little something over 800 devices. Whatever the customer wants, we sell it, but we’re transparent enough to always present the facts as they are.

Our philosophy is simple: amazing prices and unbeatable service.


If you’re looking for some basic answers about the differences between the Justfit Click-On Pro, the XBody Actiwave and the Miha Bodytec, then you’ve come to the right place.

When comparing EMS devices, we always measure the control unit performance, network speed fluctuation vs impulse strength when working with a wired connection as with Miha Bodytec machines.

The most obvious differences between the Justfit Click-On PRO, the XBody Actiwave and the Miha Bodytec are the suits and the entire transmission system that connects the device to the suits.

The Click-On PRO is the newest version of the Justfit device and comes as an upgraded standard through which the cables are waterproof and can be left on the suit while being cleaned in the waching machine and the batteries are made of li-ion which makes them easy to charge and hard to consume. Neither XBody or Miha Bodytec have these benefits, nor any other brand in the world.

But what is really so unique about the EMS device Justfit ClickOn PRO is the fact that the router is incorporated in the tiny battery that’s sitting on the person wearing the suit, which basically allows you to take your smartphone or tablet and train on the beach, in the park, outside and wherever you’re feeling more motivated.

It’s just as valuable to mention that with the Justfit ClickOn PRO, you can also enjoy the benefits of their Ozone Cleaner. This is a durable medicaly approved cleaning accessory designed by the Justfit engineers to handle hardcore disinfection and sterilization of your training suits. Even if we agree it is not cheap, it guarantees a long-lasting life and durability of your suits, without having to ever wash them the standard way.

Unlike with XBody or Miha Bodytec, we all know that if the trainer forgets to wash the suits and the bad smell happens to go inside the suit’s texture, then you can already start saving for new ones because those are good as gone.

Coming back to the transmission system, until XBody and Miha Bodytec develop a completely newer version of their device, they will not be able to compete with the benefits offered by Apple and Samsung tablets, which are the 2 certified operating systems for the Justfit software.


The XBody Actiwave is a well designed EMS machine for fitness enthusiasts who prefer to break the bank on a purchase without knowing the heavy duty cranks that will seriously abuse their business. Poor signal quality, dropped connections, therefore unpleasant training experience.

While still offering a challenging workout and though such a great brand, the wifi computer console is large, top-heavy and not an option for people who want to avoid slow wireless standards.

According to our last studio survey study, 62% of the studios who bought an XBody Actiwave  from us are not satisfied with their device. Owners and trainers are unhappy with the high price of a poor product and they’re also annoyed with the company’s time resolution on warranty issues.


In comparison, the Justfit Click-On PRO Is designed for one purpose…to get the training done, whether that training is building endurance, losing weight or getting you ready for a big race.

In addition to its striking design and easy-use, the Justfit Click-On provides consistent wireless connection performance that even extends into the backyard and beyond.


Miha Bodytec still has a lot of work to do in order to really reinvent themselves and this might take years.

By the time they introduce a wireless version, this trend will be ready to change.


These statistics and truths may however change within time. There are so many brands competing for customers on price and services, but they are far from boosting customer satisfaction to an all-time high.

If you own an old generation EMS device, consider replacing it to improve your studio’s performances.

Make sure you do your own research by training with all EMS devices you are interested in.

You’ll understand the difference!

Don’t forget to study our comparison chart here for more detailed information on all EMS devices we listed in this article.