Colorado’s first EMS studio opens!

Colorado’s first EMS studio opens!

The first studio of its kind in Boulder, Colorado offers specialized attention to healthcare and promotes fitness using incredible EMS equipment which cannot be found anywhere else in Colorado. The chairman has committed to this investment, knowing he will attract new customers or meet the special needs of his existing ones, while simultaneously inspiring everybody to lead more active and healthy lifestyles.

Fit Tech works on an appointment basis, which reduces waiting time for customers, while enhancing the efficiency and quality of the EMS sessions they provide.

“Everything comes from good health, nutrition and sports. Building this studio allows us to serve customers struggling with their weight. It’s an unique technology that really works and an exciting new way of looking at fitness care and nutrition. We are fortunate to be able to offer outstanding EMS services to Americans”, says the owner.


The EMS studio located on 3151 Walnut Street, Walnut Gardens, is purposely situated downtown to improve access for everyone, including the adjacent surrounding areas. The EMS studio was designed around the environment, having the customer in mind, family, staff and the entire community. The construction features sleek lines and natural materials, while all rooms are clean, airy, warmly modern and welcoming. Their mission is to offer EMS and fitness services with dignity, professionalism and concern for all residents of Walnut Gardens. Fit Tech has a staff of 18  certified people and 2 EMS devices, and even if they just recently opened, the owner considers he will double the size of its business by the end of the year.


The EMS technology is something the Americans had no idea they need so much, until now. Fit Tech features the latest equipment from XBody, which ensures every customer gets the most out of their workout. The EMS studio is already a hit with the 1000 plus members, and people are finally being given a new chance to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and make a difference to their lives and future.

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