Are you thinking about opening an EMS studio? Here’s 5 reasons why you really should! 

Are you thinking about opening an EMS studio? Here’s 5 reasons why you really should! 

The fact that fitness addicts are steadily giving up on their fitness memberships in favor of more expensive, fancy EMS workouts proves how much the EMS market is growing in popularity and evolving. In this article, we will describe some of the fulfilling reasons why you should take the steps needed in order to build a reality from what looks like a dream. 

But first, what is an EMS studio? 

An EMS studio is a profitable job just as much as it is an emotionally rewarding one. EMS workouts speak volumes through unique health and fitness experiences that express your values when it comes to wellness by allowing customers to train the way you would like to be trained and while being part of something greater than a traditional gym club. The fact that you are reading this post, means that most likely, you are already considering to open an EMS studio and this is why we will outline the reasons you should go for it. 


Customers grow in strong communities. Your vision on health and wellness is what reinforces the studio’s brand image as well as the real source that builds loyalty. Providing fun and personalized EMS workout experiences along with incredible management functionality cements customer retention. The result to this? Members love it and end up loving you too. 

Layout, Style & Values 

One of the most important key elements of an EMS studio is the freedom of personality. It’s how people identify to your taste as well as how you attract a specific type of customers. What gives your EMS studio that extra punch and says everything about who you are is presentation, staff behaviour and dedication, equipment choice, going all the way down to logos, marketing strategies and services.


You begin small and continue building up. We’re not saying that operating an EMS studio through two or three devices won’t be more profitable, but as you’re just starting, smaller business leave more room for growth and new ideas. This allows you to focus on gradual expansion and it’s a great way to avoid the risk of operating a larger EMS studio. Plus, members love watching you evolve because it makes them feel part of something big. Along your journey, you may consider adding extra services that improve the wellness experience which is another key element to having a loyal customer base. 

Life-Changing Perks 

Operating an EMS studio is a great way to make a real impact in people’s lives. Customers search not just for physical results, but also to improve their mental attitude. It becomes extremely rewarding to empower and influence the quality of someone’s life. 


What if we told you location is not as essential as all the other factors listed above? Throughout time, we learned that even the smallest boutique EMS studios with little investment in layout and amenities have great succes. Customers look for an EMS studio that matches their values, brings results through training and allows them to find a parking spot. Our point is — focus on perfecting your services and the result to this will bring community growth.  


EMS studios offer everything that traditional gyms do not and with so many benefits to operation and results, we encourage you to consider running one of your own.