Are You Fit For A Fit Express?

Are You Fit For A Fit Express?

Are You Fit For A Fit Express?

Find Out If This Is The Right Career For You.

If you’ve been thinking of opening a Fit Express EMS studio, you’ve identified a great way to start a profitable business in a booming fitness industry.
There has never been a better time to invest in EMS technology!

Fit Express has a lot to offer that independently-owned EMS studios can’t compete with. We pride ourselves on the ongoing training and support we provide to our customers. 

Fit Express comes with in-depth staff and management training on the studio’s operations, support to help you through all the twists and turns and brand recognition from having over studios across the globe to bring EMS into the lives of millions of people.

When planning on opening a Fit Express EMS studio, one of the most significant costs will be the EMS equipment your customers want to use. Fit Express has spent years developing relationships with leading manufacturers of EMS devices, helping our partners secure the best prices in the world.

Furthermore, we’ve already made a name of ourselves as a safe, clean and affordable EMS studio – countless clients are familiar with our Fit Express name. .

If you are interested in becoming a Fit Express, here are some of the qualifications we look for in a Fit Express partner and how you may be compatible with our EMS business concept.

You don’t need experience to open an EMS studio

One of the greatest things about the EMS market is that you don’t necessarily need to have fitness background prior to investing.

We make sure our staff and management training covers everything needed for day-to-day operations.

You must be passionate about sports

Although starting a Fit Express EMS studio is much easier than starting a business from scratch, an ideal partner / investor will understand that their profits are directly correlated to the dedication they invest to keep the business running. This means staying on top of your daily operations using the Fit Express booking system, hiring trustworthy staff and personal trainers, making sure all equipment is sanitized and working well and keeping customers happy.

We are looking for someone who shares the same values that we do. The EMS market is really profitable, but it’s also very competitive.

In order for a Fit Express EMS studio to remain profitable, you need to offer your services by being 100% involved.

You need to make an investment

Like any other business opportunity, opening an EMS studio requires capital to get your Fit Express started. What separates us from other EMS competitors is that our prices are broken down before you even start investing, which makes it great to know exactly how much it will cost to get started.

We want to make sure we find the perfect partners.

If you are looking to make an investment in a growing industry, having the Fit Express brand name recognition, we may be just the right opportunity for you.
Once you decide to pursue this career, reach out to us and we

Teamwork is everything: will you rely on our support?

Opening an EMS studio under a brand like Fit Express can be extremely rewarding. We believe in our EMS studio business concept and invest in helping our partners leverage it to achieve the highest-possible goals.

Before you sign the franchise contract, we can spend days getting to know you, introducing you to our team and learning all we can about your career aspirations. Not only does this help us assess your compatibility as a candidate, but it allows us to learn more about how we can better serve you as our franchisor.

Between finding a location, training and staffing, we’re here to provide know-how, feedback and advice as straightforward as possible so that our partners can more fully enjoy the benefits of business EMS studio ownership.

Marketing support to spread the word

Throughout our years in the EMS industry, we’ve developed loads of marketing materials that are available for use by all our partners. Whether it’s print ads, online flyers, social media pages or broadcast, we have the files you need to reach potentially interested customers.

Whether it’s leading you towards your grand opening or motivating you on how to keep customers coming through the door, remember we are here to support you in your marketing experience as you grow the EMS business.

These are just a few of the ways Fit Express works to support our partners. Visit our website today to lean more about this EMS franchise opportunity.