Get an international EMS Certification with Fit Express.


The Fit Express Academy is a learning community that brings personal trainers in a friendly, safe and qualified environment. Unlike most other courses in this field, our support doesn’t stop until we are certain you understand the real techniques of EMS.

We feel it is our responsibility to give you a hand in the industry, reason why our support extends beyond certification and relies on safety during all types of training sessions (basic, medical, athlete, relaxation).

We strive to help you become productive in EMS, staying focused on standards-based teaching, learning and assessment. Since you guide your clients towards a better body inside and out, this course will offer you a fusion between training techniques, nutrition and practice, so that users get the results they want in the best possible time.

The Fit Express Academy has been designed to provide you with know-how and expertise, so that you may enable professionals and amateurs at all levels – athletes, fitness training clients, seniors or adults requiring medical recovery – to expand the capacity of their bodies while performing the 20 minutes EMS sessions and remaining free from injuries.

We offer flexible class schedules because many of you may already work fulltime.

Our schooling system only requires that you are 18 years or older.

Price: 250€/student

Certification valid worldwide.

Courses are held in Bucharest, Milan, Moscow or online via Skype.

Increase your expertise

Work safely in the EMS industry

Help people live healthier lives

Attend the Fit Express Academy