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Our Story

Founded in 2010 in Bucharest, Romania, Fit Express began as an EMS Fitness studio. We quickly expanded by creating our franchise and becoming distributors of EMS technology. After gradually distributing top EMS brands globally, we extended our presence to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. This steady growth allowed us to acquire extensive knowledge and expertise. In 2023, following FDA clearance of EMS technology, we incorporated in the USA to introduce this revolutionary product to a new market.

EMS technology is a game-changer for those serious about achieving peak physical performance or rapid recovery. This innovative, time-saving, and beneficial workout alternative is highly attractive to customers. With deep expertise in EMS technology, close relationships with top producers, and extensive operational knowledge, we stand out in the market. Our comprehensive approach covers marketing, technology, and medical research, allowing us to pioneer EMS technology in new regions. We adapt this technology to each country’s culture and needs, scaling it to meet market demands.

At Fit Express, we provide extended support to all our customers, sharing our extensive industry knowledge to ensure they benefit from our expertise. Our unique business model offers a fast ROI, making it an attractive investment opportunity.

Our Vission

At Fit Express, we aim to lead the global fitness industry revolution with EMS technology. We strive to redefine fitness standards worldwide by innovating and delivering cutting-edge EMS solutions. Our goal is to empower individuals to achieve peak physical performance and holistic well-being through efficient and effective fitness solutions.

Our Mission

To introduce state-of-the-art EMS solutions to the US market, empowering individuals to achieve their fitness goals, enhance physical performance, and promote overall well-being. We offer comprehensive support, leveraging our deep industry knowledge to provide an unmatched advantage in the EMS field.


Arpad Rudas Fit Express Managing Partner

Richard Rudas

Cofounder & Managing Partner

fit express logo

Julian Gatej

USA Cofounder

Arpad Rudas Fit Express Managing Partner

Arpad Rudas

Cofounder & Managing Partner

fit express logo

Iulia Brezeanu

USA Cofounder

Erno Rudas Fit Express International Relations Expert

Erno Rudas

Cofounder & International Relations


Business Advisor

Omar Abaza Fit Express Director of Operations | USA

Omar Abaza

Director of Operations USA

Data Collection Specialist | USA


Data Collection Specialist USA


Chief of Sales Department

DAVID MILAN Data Collection Specialist | USA


EMS Master Trainer USA

ALIZ VOJNITS Country Manager | Hungary


Country Manager Hungary

Cosmin Cobuz - Eu Master Trainer


EMS Master Trainer EU


monefy is one of our most valuable partner, doing business consultancy services


Business Consultancy

Strategic guidance and operational excellence from a leading business consultancy enhance our ability to innovate and grow in the EMS technology sector.

Smart Growth is an ad agency that is our top choice for an ad agency marketing.


Ad Agency

Partnering with SMARTGROWTH. provides us with cutting-edge advertising strategies to effectively reach our target audience and promote our EMS solutions.

mits is a strategic marketing company that is one of our longest collaborators


Consulting Agency

IBFAB Brings specialized consulting expertise, helping us optimize our business processes and expand our market reach globally

mits is a strategic marketing company that is one of our longest collaborators


Strategic Marketing Agency

MITS. supports us with strategic marketing initiatives, ensuring our EMS technology is effectively positioned in the market and meets customer needs.

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