The Team

We are a small team of people who appreciate humour, good food, great people and of course the art of fitness. Not to mention a passion for setting up new EMS studios around the world.

Arpad Rudas

Managing Partner

Philanthropist, investor and entrepreneur. Key player in advising investors and partners on strategic EMS business planning, integrated customer communications, ribbon cutting ceremonies and business initiatives. 

Richard Rudas


Richard has an unmatched ability to refresh ideas while remaining true to the core company objectives. His everyday goal is to deliver a robust, well-rounded support and application management to the highest standards.

Andreea Neacsu

International Sales

Strategic-minded practitioner whose creative spirit drives big ideas, optimises business performances and makes the impossible a reality. Andreea excels at understanding your goals and brings your business vision to life.

Florin Culcea

Art Director

Cosmin devotedly leads the design department and that includes product, content, digital and branding. He conveys in detail all end-to-end marketing experiences and digital initiatives. 

Cosmin Cobuz

Master Trainer

Operating from a place of vision, Cosmin focuses his energy only into what is really important and builds profound training methods. Strong believer in spiritual approaches.

Aliz Vojnits

Country Manager

Trusted representative of our business & highly experienced with assisting EMS studios grow here. Aliz helps us build connections while making sure you get the correct pricing. 


Country Manager

Develops and maintains international sales and communications with customers.

Excellent knowledge of the EMS market. 


Joana Tabakova

Omar Abaza

Country Manager

The EMS market in the US has been and will continue to be very active. Omar dives into your business, untapping its full potential. 

Andy Sziraky

Master Trainer

Andy genuinely impacts the know-how of personal trainers with his incredible edge on the EMS industry. Helping you get where you really want and doubles down the things you’re already good at.