• We can sell you just an EMS device, without any obligations.
  • Become a Fit Express partner Do it YOUR way with OUR consultation.
  • The Fit Express Franchise Do it OUR way.


  • We are global distributors of multiple EMS Devices
  • Been on the market for 7 Years
  • If you find a lower price show us proof, and we’ll beat it

The only company that instantly fixes your devices and offers you 3 year extended warranty:

  • We overnight ship everything, whether it’s a warranty issue or not so that your business rolls on.
  • Fit Express has an internal service centre, that makes things happen fast.

Another reason why you should collaborate with us is that we offer phone support 24/7 no matter where you are in the world, and if you wanna see our pretty faces we are also available on Skype!


We are brokers / distributors of multiple EMS devices and we have chosen the best quality EMS devices on the market

  • Let us help you choose the most suitable device that will fit your needs
  • Check out our comparison chart for EMS devices
  • All the EMS devices that we sell are in conformity with EU regulations, and we guarantee the quality

Make sure to get certified with Fit Express

  • It doesn’t matter which EMS device you choose, make sure you certify your EMS Trainers and Staff
  • Keep in mind that your EMS trainer is your key to success
  • Fly to our location or we fly to yours, if flying is not your thing we can do it via Skype

Become a Fit Express Partner

As we said before you can purchase your EMS devices from Fit Express and have absolutely no affiliation or collaboration with us. But then again why would you refuse such a beneficial partnership? You can still conduct your business as you wish but enjoy almost all the benefits of a franchisee. The only thing you have to do is start using our dedicated EMS Application.


Become a Fit Express Franchise

This is a whole different ball game that we are talking about, if you’re looking for a professional team to assemble your business from head to toe, and you want to outstand from the crowd, then this might be the solution for you. But obviously this is not for everybody, drop us a line to see if you qualify.

Over 600 Happy Customers

Fit Express has sold over 600 EMS Devices out of which 48 became Franchise Partner Locations, we have certified over 800 EMS Trainers and over 1.000 Fit Express Application users. So yes, you can tap us on the shoulder.


So why wouldn’t you partner up with us?

  • Best EMS Device price on the market
  • Choose the best EMS Device that caters your need whether your opening your private studio with your own brand, in a gym or medical centre
  • The only company that offers 3 year warranty, and ships overnight in case your EMS Device might have a problem
  • The only dedicated EMS Application
  • International Certification
  • 24/7 Phone Support

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